CSI: Match Game Season 6-To ______ or not to ____________!

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April 2nd:
A. Old Maid
B. Showgirls (the POOL SCENE!)

April 5th
A. Ear
B. Potted Plant

April 7th:
A. A hot dog stand
B. Trace Swab

Gil Grissom was writing out a shopping list: 1- Buy small leash for Sara's cat. 2- Buy larger leash for my dog. 3- Buy HUUUUGE leash for ________ .

Hodges said "It's bad enough that Nick gave me the flu by sneezing on me. But it's worse because it also gave me __________!

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A.Sara (Ecklie was done already...and I know how some of our minds work...but won't go further here)
B. (multicard)A huge cold sore on my lip which prevented me from getting any kisses
Come on people, just a couple more replies are needed to finish up this thread and we can start the next one with new phrases.

Well, Hankster Rayburn, it has been another great season. Ready for season 7 of CSI Match Game? New set? New phrases? New writers? (New stock in the drink cabinet?)

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you can start a new thread with todays phrases. its easier that way to keep the day all together. the 1000 post lock is a guideline, a few more or less is no big deal. whoever wants to start the new thread and post phrases for today may go ahead and do so.
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