CSI: Match Game Season 6-To ______ or not to ____________!

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(Theme music kicks in!)

Announcer: Get ready to match the stars! From CSI: NY-Gary Sinise. From Will and Grace, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes in the Brett Sommers and Charles Nelson Reilly chairs. From CSI: Miami--Khandi Alexanter! Family Feud host, Richard Karn in the Richard Dawson chair. From Heroes: Masi Oka. All on CSI: Match Game!!!

(Theme Music Gets louder. Hankster Rayburn comes out with his telescoping Microphone waving to the audience. Theme Music trails off)

Hankster Rayburn: Hello everone! Welcome to another edition of CSI: Match Game. Today, we have many board members that want to post here, and try to match these 3 Margarita Lunchers! (Camera pans to the Celebrity panel who laugh and clap)

Hankster Rayburn: Now there may be some in the audience at home that don't know how the game works. Well, here's the basic rules:

Two phrases will be posted in spoiler bars--A and B. Each one contains a BLANK (_____________) in them. The goal is to come up with a funny word that works in the phrase that would, if you were actually in studio, match as many of the stars as possible. However, in the boards, we have a lot more contestants, so everyone gets to post.

If possible, please try to answer the most recent phrases. If answering previous phrases, put the date before your answers so that they would make sense.

The most important rule of the game for this board's sake is that the answer MUST be kept PG13 or it will be removed by the Moderators. The second most important rule is the word should make sense in the context of the phrase, yet still be FUNNY! We all on board here?


Hankster Rayburn: Good! Those of you at home that have GSN a/k/a Game Show Network, you may want to watch some old Match Game reruns to get a feel for it. However, sometimes those reruns push the PG13 boundary. Please use good judgement in posting.

(Hankster walks over to the cabinet and hits a button. Two phrases pop up)

Nick Stokes said "The other day I called in a TV repairman and told him my picture was jiggling. He said that either the Video card was shot or I was watching ________________!"

We have a Match Game TV Guide Entry. CSI: Miami--Monday Nights on CBS, 10 PM/9 PM Central. Horatio and the gang have to replace the Hummers with _________(s) due to the high price of gas. Can they still get the job done under the circumstances?
Re: CSI: Match Game Season 6-To ______ or not to __________

A: yo-yo cam
B: roller skates (like crime solving Dr. Mark Sloan on Diagnosis Murder)
Re: CSI: Match Game Season 6-To ______ or not to __________

A. What I thought was TV but ended up being my imagination.
B. Bicycles
Re: CSI: Match Game Season 6-To ______ or not to __________

A. Rabbit-Ear cable
B. Scooters
Re: CSI: Match Game Season 6-To ______ or not to __________

A. a jello commercial
B. skateboards
Re: CSI: Match Game Season 6-To ______ or not to __________

A. Mega Disasters on Discovery Channel

B. Donkeys

Congrats on the new thread by the way... :D
Re: CSI: Match Game Season 6-To ______ or not to __________

New phrases for Friday, Sept. 13th:

Brass said "Because a lot of young women in Vegas don't wear _______________(s), it's always best for a male cop to let a female cop frisk a young female suspect!"

Frank Tripp said "The other day I had to arrest three young women at South Beach that were only wearing thong bikinis. It took 3 days for H to get the __________ stain out of the backseat of the Hummer!"

Please keep them PG13, but funny!
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