CSI: Hangman #8

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I updated with two, only because I have to work today and won't be home till tonight. :D


C1: "Ca-ne, -ou ought to -no- -etter than that. -ou can't
touch me".

C2: "-our Honor, - don't ha-e the s---htest des-re to".

Letter's guessed: T,A,D,E,S,O,H,U,M,G,R,N,C
C1 "Caine, you ought to know better than that. you can't touch me"
C2 "Your honor, i don't have the slightest desire to"

C1 - Judge Isaac Greenhill
C2 - horatio
season - 3
episode - after the fall
ok i think this is quite an easy one its from csi ny

C1 "--- --- --. -------'- --- ---'-- ------- -- --------."
C2 "--- --- ---- ---- - ---?"
c1 "--- --- -------, - --- --- ---- --- ----. - ---- ----- ------ ---- -----."

good luck everyone
Rules that are posted in first post of this thread by DragonflyDreamer

- No more than 3 letter guesses should be requested before each update. This makes it easier for the person updating the quote, and helps to maintain an even pace for the game

Go to check it, there more info.
the rules are created to make the game better for us and those are created by the posters that play this.
sorry i took so long to update everyone i was really unwell today.
i will take the A but please make sure to follow the rules it just makes the game alot easier ;)

C1 "--- --t -t. t---a--'- --- ---'-- ta----- m- -a---a--."
C2 "--- -a- t--- ---m a -a-?"
c1 "A-- --- --dd---, - -a- t-- ---m t-- m---. - ---- t---- --tt-- ---- -----."

letters used A,T,D,M
csi ny
C1 "--u --t -t. t---a--'s --- --u'r- ta----- m- -a--ua--."
C2 "--u -a- t--- -r-m a -a-?"
c1 "Ar- --u --dd---, - -a- t-- -r-m t-- m---. - ---- t--s- --tt-- --u- ----s."

letters used: A,T,D,M,U,S,R
good luck everyone :)
Not open for further replies.