CSI: Hangman #8

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~Queen of Sarcasm~
Welcome to CSI Hangman! Everyone is welcome here, but please take a look at the rules before joining in :)

- Each player is asked to request no more than 2 letters per game
- No more than 3 letter guesses should be requested before each update. This makes it easier for the person updating the quote, and helps to maintain an even pace for the game
- When you guess a quote, please wait for the original poster to confirm that you are correct before posting a new quote
- This game is for all three CSI shows, please try not to have more than two quotes from the same series in a row.
- When posting a new quote, please state which CSI show it is from

***Not really a rule, but: This game has been moving very quickly. The mods have asked a few times to slow it down. I suggest we do this, or we may find ourselves locked out. Perhaps we need to instigate a rule about how long it must be between each update of the quote***

When we left of in the last thread, it was my turn to post a quote, so here goes:

From CSI: Miami

C1: ---------, ----- --- --- ------- ---- -------- -----.
C2: -- -------. -- ---- ---- ----- ---- - ------. -- ---- - ----- -----?
C1: --------- --- ---- --- ---- --- ------ -- --- ------.
C3: --- -----, --’-- -- ---- --- -----.

Now, SA_Kate_937 asked for an E in the last thread, and I don't think you're really allowed to ask for letters before a quote is posted, but I'll let it slide this ONCE ;)

C1: -e---e-e-, ----- --- --- ------- ---- -------- -----.
C2: -- -----e-. -- ---- ---- ----- ---- - -----e. -- ---- - ----e --e-e?
C1: ----e--e- --- ---- --e ---- --- ------ -- --- -----e.
C3: --- -----, -e’-- -- ---- --- -----.

Letters Guessed: E
CSI: Miami

C1: -e-t-e-e-, t---- --- --r --tt--- ---r ----t--- ---rt.
C2: -- -----e-. -- t--- ---t ----- --t- - -r---e. -- t--t - -r--e --e-e?
C1: --t-e--e- --- t--t t-e ---t --- ------ -t t-e -r---e.
C3: --- r---t, -e’-- -- -r-- --r -t---.

Letters Guessed: E, R, T
P please Dragonfly :)

I thought it had been agreed in the last thread that the quote only be updated after 3 letter guesses? It may have only been a suggestion, but it sounds like a good one.

In my opinion, I have to say, it is ridiculous to guess a letter when a quote hasn't been posted!
CSI: Miami

C1: -e-t-e-e-, t-a-- --- --r --tt--- ---r -a-at--- s--rt.
C2: -- p----e-. S- t--s --at s---s --t- a -r---e. -s t-at a -r--e s-e-e?
C1: --t-esses sa- t-at t-e --at -as a----- at t-e -r---e.
C3: A-- r---t, -e’-- -- -ra- --r st---.

Letters Guessed: A, E, P, R, S, T
Since ther are all ready three guesses up, and I can't ask for another letter. I am going to apologise for asking a letter before the quote was up... I'm sorry, I was getting impatient. :p

Kate. :)
CSI: Miami

C1: -e-t-e-e-, tha-- yo- -or --tt--- yo-r -a-at-o- short.
C2: -o p-o--e-. So th-s -oat s---s --to a -r---e. -s that a -r--e s-e-e?
C1: --t-esses say that the -oat -as a----- at the -r---e.
C3: A-- r--ht, -e’-- -o -ra- o-r st---.

Letters Guessed: A, E, H, O, P, R, S, T, Y
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