CSI: Hangman #8

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From Miami

C1: --e'- --t t- ---e -e- --- ----e -t t-e --de- -t--e.
C2: --- ----, ---e-- ---d --e'- ------.
C1: -e--, ---e-- -----d ----.

Letters Guessed: D, E, T
From Miami

C1: S-e's --t t- -a-e -er --- a-s-e at t-e --de- st-re.
C2: --- ----, -a-era sa-d s-e's -----s.
C1: -e--, -a-era -----d ----.

Letters Guessed: A, D, E, R, S, T
C1: She's got to have her own aisle at the video store.

C2: You know, Valera said she's famous.

C1: Yeah, Valera would know".

I think it's right, I may have one word wrong. :D

If I'm right it's from Innocent with Calleigh and Speedle talking :D
You are correct, luvingmyhoratio. It's "Well Valera...", not "yeah Valera..." But close enough.
Yeah!!!! :D :D :D. Thank-you DD :)

CSI:MIAMI Good Luck :D

C1: "-----, --- ----- -- ---- ------ ---- ----. --- ---'-
----- --".

C2: "---- -----, - ---'- ---- --- --------- ------ --".
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