CSI Cyber: a spin off or replacement?


anyone else kinda feel like csi cyber is more of a replacement rather than a spin off?
Like CSI NY and CSI Miami was a spin off in the sense that CSI Vegas was still... you know.... going.
But like CSI Cyber just so happened to be aired right after CSI Vegas ended, so it always felt like a replacement rather than a spin off to me? anyone else feel this way?
I think it's normal spin-off and similar situation is with Law & Order when NBC cancelled original and keep SVU. Cyber is not bad at all but right now I feel that is too many different procedural tv dramas and people are just tired of them. I think that Cyber have two options: cancel after this season or pushed on summer (what I said since beggining cause I felt that this could be a better option).
And now Cyber has been canceled as of May 16. So long! Maybe a franchise reboot will happen down the road but let's be real: CBS will only be interested if they know it can bring in the viewer$.