csi cyber

  1. Julz

    CSI Cyber: a spin off or replacement?

    anyone else kinda feel like csi cyber is more of a replacement rather than a spin off? Like CSI NY and CSI Miami was a spin off in the sense that CSI Vegas was still... you know.... going. But like CSI Cyber just so happened to be aired right after CSI Vegas ended, so it always felt like a...
  2. M

    Okay to share? Visit the Set of CSI Cyber as Their Guest

    Hi, I'm Michelle with a non-profit charity (www.theBroadcaster.com). We host online and live auctions to support our mission. We have a set visit to CSI Cyber available for anyone to bid on and win. We have it posted on our site, and also Ebay, where we are a registered charity through Ebay's...