csi crime scene investigation

  1. J

    Job interview.

    Hi guys. I have a job interview tomorrow for forensics. Does anybody know of any interview questions specific for forensic interviews that may come Up? And also if two samples where accidentally switched or contaminated in the lab what would be done? And what's the difference between criminal...
  2. Julz

    CSI Cyber: a spin off or replacement?

    anyone else kinda feel like csi cyber is more of a replacement rather than a spin off? Like CSI NY and CSI Miami was a spin off in the sense that CSI Vegas was still... you know.... going. But like CSI Cyber just so happened to be aired right after CSI Vegas ended, so it always felt like a...
  3. Julz

    Anyone else have an emotional break down about Warrick?

    As pathetic as this may sound, I got very very very close to Warricks character. I didn't watch his death, well not really. When I was 11 I watched CSI NY religiously but not really much of the others. Though I did see Warricks death, because it happened when I was 11. ANYWAYS. A while ago I...