CSI clothes....

Before i got my shirt off Ebay, i got so desperate that i decided to make my own t-shirt. I bought a plain black t-shirt from Wal-Mart and some heat transfer paper for dark shirts(which is a tad expensive but its worth it!) and put the CSI logo on it. It turned out amazing! I suggest this to anyone who can't get CSI merchandise shipped to them :D
Ya Thats an awesome idea! Iron-on paper is expensive though, there's a store in Kingston that you can take any pic and they'll put it on any shirt for you it's way cheaper than having to buy the iron-on paper and using the ink to put it on a shirt. There's probably many stores like that which you could find.
Just look under "screen printing" in the yellow pages of your phone book. Thats what it's called to do it.
Iron-on paper is expensive though
ive gotten a pack for $5 (canadian), i dont remember if it was 5 or 10 sheets though. it worked well, i made a bunch for myself and my friends (non csi though, but now that ive gotten these ideas i just might!)
ive also made tshirts by printing out a pattern or saying, cutting it out to make a stencil, and using fabric paint to make the design.
i havent seen any csi clothes in the uk im so gutted i seen this guy once he has a csi ny t-shirt on i asked him where he got it from but he couldent speak english or welsh!!!
i really love the hat they have on the cbs store (the one that nick always wears) but it says the dont ship outside the us, is there a place where people in canada can get them, or are we just out of luck?
I saw this lady in the mall wearing a CSI shirt and I wanted to give her a hug, but there was a child with her, and I didn't want to scare it.
I have a CSI Jacket that my brother in law got at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas its actually really cool it says "Crime Scene Investigator" In the back and the front says "Las Vegas Crime Lab" on it,It actually looks like the ones they wear on the show, these are old pics but this is me wearing it
and this is me wearing it LAST thanksgiving (of 2004)
My grandparents bought me a CSI shirt when they went to Vegas last summer. I wore it to school and me and my partner-in-crime...fighting...carried my framed Billy Petersen picture around an two people like either mentioned how cool that was or that they were gonna steal it.
is there any chance to get stuff like cloth or sth in germany (apart from ebay or amazon)? shipping's a bit...expensive :/
It sucks that you can´t buy csi-stuff where i live!(i live in the north of england!)..if i ever got o the states i am sooo gonna get csi t-shirt hat sweater...you name it!
where abouts in the uk do you live?
i know you can buy t shirts from chester(in the north west), in the army/navy shop. I was gutted i saw one in the window but the shop was shut, so i couldnt buy it :(

OMG! I am going to Chester :D

I have been after a csi t-shirt for ages and the ones on ebay are rubbish, really want a navy polo neck with csi in big letters on the back and the badge on the front, if anyone spots them anywere in the uk let me know.