CSI clothes....

man i wish K-Mart & Wal-mart would sell CSI Clothing here in colorado! :( *sigh* you guys are Lucky
I was just at Walmart tonite and didn't find anything. Not a single employee there had ever heard of CSI either, and this is not out in the boonies.
I live in Sweden.. and I've never found a store that sells csi clothers... awwww poor us that dosen't live in the states or canda...

well I have to keep looking I guess :)
I was walking through a mall and I saw this lady with a CSI sweatshirt and my mom asked her wwhere she got it... but she said that her mom got it for her in Vegas. I really wanted it though.
If you ever get to go to Vegas, they have clothes everywhere there. The best thing they have there are the hats though. Got my friend one with the LVPD logo on it.
I really want a hoodie that i seen on the CBS store but cos it don't ship to the UK i'm not going to be getting it. Wish i was visiting the states anytime soon i'd be down LV in a flash to pick up some merchandise!
I have a CSI: sweatshirt and am dying for one of those vests that they wear. I got my sweatshirt in Vegas at McCarran Airport. These things are everywhere in Vegas, gee I wonder why, haha. Anyway been going to Vegas for 3 years now and this time I go I'm bringing home NICKY. I wish
*squee!!!* I just won a CSI shirt on Ebay!! I'm soo excited to get it! There is a lot of stuff on there, plus, mostly everyone ships to Canada unlike the CBS store *angry muttering*..... :D
where abouts in the uk do you live?
i know you can buy t shirts from chester(in the north west), in the army/navy shop. I was gutted i saw one in the window but the shop was shut, so i couldnt buy it :(