CSI calendars

quoth_the_raven said:
Well see Shane I hung mine up on our fridge whether they liked it or not :p There's nowhere else to put them, that's my defense! And besides, there's five people in my house so we never have enough magnets :lol: :p The only difference is that now whenever someone reaches into the fridge to get something Marg and Billy will be staring at them ;) :p

See I want Marg to stare at me as I reach into the fridge.
I wish I'd known where to find the calendars, period. We didn't have any Csi calendars available in Canada(that I could find), but plenty of everything else like Grey's anatomy, etc.
I got one from my local mall, it was 50% off so I got it for under 7 dollars and came with 4 magnets