Crossing Jordan

Ahhh, I was wondering if there was a CJ thread. I love it. Does anyone know if CJ has been renewed for a new season? Can we post our CJ fics somewhere? Orshould we just keep them to ourselves?

Ok, I heard (Ask Ausiello as received by JH herself) that 1.Jordan was going to try to adopt a child. I think it's a 13 year old in one of the upcoming episodes.
2.Jordan will be suspected of a crime and she will run. I believe Woody will follow.
3. Two of the main characters (or sub, but I'm not sure) will get married. There's a pool in my school where it's all on Lily and Bug.
4.Charles Mesure (JD Pollack) will return in the next (or so) episode.
5. Jordan's dad (Ken Howard) will not return.
6.Something about Jordan's mother's murder will be revealed in the 100th episode.
7.Lu and Woody will get together and break up quickly.
8.Nigel may try to get Bug and Lily together. There is a vote on this on
9. This is obvious: the 100th episode is also the final episode for this season.

Again, these spoilers have not been confirmed nor denied. All have come from different sources and I do not claim any of CJ.
Dynamo1 said:
Judging by your banner, what keeps you happy is MMS (major multi-shipping). But I did not see Jordan and Woody or any others from CJ.

i couldnt find any icons for them for the life of me, but that reminds me, i meant to change my loc to somthing CJ because i didnt have anything for them :lol:

those are som scary spoilers, im looking forward to all the upcoming eps, they all look really good
I abosolutely ADORE Crossing Jordan. I'm probably in the minority, but I really do NOT like Jordan & Woody ... I like Jordan with Garret (**dodges bullets**) :cool:
jeniks said:
Okay, so a new episode is supposed to be on right now, and while I do enjoy this episode, IT'S NOT THE ONE IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE!!!
"Embraceable You", a new episode, should be on, but "You Really Got Me", the episode where Woddy and Jordan go to LA is currently on.
Anybody know what happened to "Embraceable You"? or when it will be shown?

It was repeated on A&E a few weeks ago.
About Jordans brother:

In the episode O, Brother Where Art Thou? he comes into play and Jordans father, herself and her brother are wanted in questioning for a murder in Jordans apartment. The person murdered was an old cop friend of Jordans father.

Anyway, her brother, I think his name is James appears at the end of the episode, dressed like a cop and takes Jordan to where he used to live.

Its being reconstructed and he jumps off an open window ledge thing after a bunch of people try to talk him down.

The body was never found which means that he might reeapper.

I am a HUGE Woody/Jordan shipper.

And a Bug/Lilly shipper (but not as obsessive as W/J)
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I heard that Leslie Bibb was supposed to come back next year but I haven't heard if CJ has been renewed for another season. If it was cancelled, the season finale/100th episode party would've been a 'Goodbye' party, right?
GilandSara said:
I heard that Leslie Bibb was supposed to come back next year but I haven't heard if CJ has been renewed for another season. If it was cancelled, the season finale/100th episode party would've been a 'Goodbye' party, right?

hey guys, im new and obviously im obsessed with CSI but Crossing Jordan was my first obsession lol :) i love it! leslie bibb (unfortunately for me since im a woody/jordan fan and honestly dont like lu at all) is comming back next season. cj was also renewed for a 6th season, where it will pick up right where it left off.

just a note for all you cj fans out there- check out the crossing jordan section of the coffeerooms forum. right now its really slow since the show isnt airing new episodes, but especially during the year, its great. totally different set up than this forum, harder to read...kind of a pain, but Allan A, the director/ executive producer posts all the time and we're spoiled with him "what i liked/disliked about this episode" posts which he almost always shares with us a few days before each new episode. its really cool too, because a lot of the people have some sort of connection to cj, and everyone else just knows so much about the show. its great. so come post!!


Jordan is moving this week. Not from Boston,just to a new night. Crossing Jordan will now be on Wednesday nights at 9:00 PM (Eastern time), opposite Criminal Minds. Check local listings for time and channel in your area.