Criminal Minds #3: Beware The Office Of Unfettered Omniscience

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Actually from what I have read Mandy got along with the other actors and they liked him just as well, not to mentioned that they were stunned when he not only acted like he was going to be coming back, but what he said about the show. It was basically that the show was too dark (to paraphrase) for him, and he couldn't deal with it anymore.

Well shoot man you're on a show that profiles criminals at their worst, it started out that way, it was in the initial script I mean his first ep was called "extreme aggressor" so what did he think it was going to be a show like "Profiler (with Ally Walker)?" except a non-psychic version?

He left Chicago hope claiming "Patinkin left the show during the second season, as he was unhappy spending so much time away from his wife."

For criminal minds "Many weeks before his departure, in a videotaped interview carried in the online magazine Monaco Revue, Patinkin told journalists at the Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo that he loathed violence on television and was uncomfortable with certain scenes in Criminal Minds."

Course he got along with them probably up until he left them high and dry, Shemar's thoughts he was disappointed. In other interviews, Thomas was confused, AJ was sad. Matthew was dismayed that he did this (see other article above for these two).

Okay I was going through lines and I found this one ("about Face") Hotch said funny
Hotchner: She could buy a gun that easily?
Det. Yarborough: This is Texas.

I find it funny because Thomas resides in Texas :lol:
Gideon scared Garcia. More than Rossi and Hotch do.

I didn't really know about Patinkin with the rest of the cast. It's interesting to read. Although it does make me more curious as to why he left. (Wait, how did we get on this? It was two years ago. :lol:) Really, I do want to know what he expected from a show about serial killers. Come on now, guy, show some intelligence.
We got on this because while the show was suppost to be built around Gideon, it proved that bringing in Rossi was a perfect move for the show since the BAU was built by his team. Whats that saying sometimes when you look at the past, the present is more understandable.

We understand why the characters are the way they are, not based on one person but by dynamics and how they grew into the family that they are.
True. I kind of feel like Rossi fits the father role better than Gideon did. Gideon was fatherly to Reid and Elle, but not really to anyone else. Rossi looks after every member of the team. He's seen what the job can do, and it's like he sees it as his job to make sure that these younger agents don't collapse under the pressure.
It seemed like Shemar Moore was not happy. I think it was low of him to not show up for work, and, on top of that, didn't return any calls. I agree that when he signed on, he should have known how dark it was going to be.

Destiny, I never thought of them brining in an original BAU Founder as such a tactically good move by showing how it started. That's a really good point. On top of that, the addition of new characters allows us to see a little of how they become a family.
Not to mention one of the orginial founds we shall repeat looks dammmmmn good in jeans. :lol:

Yeah I noticed that about Gideon Hotch was like the brother, Elle and Reid were the kids, the others were like the neighbor kids or cousins he was close to but not so much like the other two.

Rossi, got Em to confide in him without pressure, Reid he was there during hypnosis when he thought his dad murdered someone, Morgan anytime (such as with church), got Garcia to talk to him and realize that he wasn't angry but direct, respectful & Caring, JJ knows he is there if she needs him, Hotch has smilied and confided in him.
Okay good example Jordan, when she thought she got people killed by the road warrior, and had to sit down he was right there and she looked at him and knew she could talk to him and he would tell her without being judged, and he had words of encouragement for her even if its a simple sentence when she announced JJ was coming back.

He is either like the father figure or the best uncle there is, he admits when he makes mistakes he is stubborn but subtle, and you can feel the draw to him if you have a problem. Thing is he isn't afraid to go toe to toe with them and when he makes mistakes he will admit it, and not to mention he will take Strauss to task and lower the stool when she has raised it too high for anyone to reach for, it's not that he doesn't care when it comes to her, I think he worries about her too in his own little way, thats just Rossi.

To be fair Gideon's short time there they were all establishing themselves (cast and characters) and the show so all judgement of him is based on the hi how are ya, gotta run, good to see ya. But Rossi evened them out and just let them be themselves, without saying a word lets them know he is proud of those who have come after him and carried on the BAU.
*reads post* Destiny, I think I love you at the moment. :lol: That's probably the best understanding of Rossi I've read in a while, if not ever.

(And yes, he does look good in jeans. I still think that he secretly knows it. *g*)

It's true that Gideon didn't really have an opportunity with the others, but he never really tried. I dunno, maybe it's just my S1 ignorance, but there were times that he could've been a little more helpful when he just wasn't. Like when he was mad at Garcia for the Fisher King stuff when she was clearly already guilttripping herself.

Rossi is Anger Management Man, but he's calmed himself down to a point where he can bring that out if necessary, but can also turn it off.

I can't see Gideon doing what Rossi did in Omnivore, Demonology, Normal, or even Penelope. Which is probably why I will always like Dave better.
Rossi does seem much more approachable than Gideon. I mean Gideon was like the father the kids are afraid to disappoint cause of the tongue lashing they might recieve, whereas Rossi is like the cool new stepdad whom the kids kind of wish really was their dad. :lol:
I didn't get to watch this episode until a couple days ago. OMG! I cried. Poor Hotch! I can't believe they actually killed his wife. I was also worried he had shot his son when he shot at the figure behind the curtain. Glad he still has his son, but how traumatic for the both of them.
Rossi is definitely the stepdad that you pretend is your real dad because you like him better. It's kind of funny, because Gideon really was calmer than Rossi. But that's actually better, because Rossi actually will confront you about your issues. I remember Gideon going to Reid once. That's it.

I was rewatching 100 and I noticed something else Rossi-is-(step)dad. When Emily slipped and said that Foyet would stay in DC like he stayed in Boston to watch Shaunessy deteriorate, she was looking at Rossi. Before she realizes what she implied about Hotch, Rossi kind of glances at Hotch. I've seen that look before, whenever I say something without think and/or looking around to see who's around me. And it's usually my dad giving the look to me. Maybe that only makes sense to me, but I thought it was interesting.
OMG, talk about a heart-wrenching episode. This show is the most brutal, grusome, gory crime how on TV. That total FREAK, I screamed when he actually shot the wife. And how Hotch beat the sh... out of him, I didn't think he could be so angry but totally understandable. And the head honch grilling the team about Hotch, and how they all stuck up for him But, the acting of Thomas was riveting. Him, finding his wife dead, so tear jerking:( and then at least finding his little boy alive. Good job hiding in an ice chest. This one left a fan drained~
I think with Gideon and this is just from my pov is that he may have been to afraid to get close to anyone, in fear of hurting them, so you distance yourself, make your self approachable but only in that sort of way that when your father is reading the paper and he looks up at you with "the look" lol, and you kind of retreat.
Basically he kept his personal space only allowing a glimps a few moments at a time. I think he say in Reid and Elle a little bit of himself which is why they were the closest to him.
I also think he figured that Morgan, Emily, JJ and Garcia would figure it out so he kept them at arms length. Hotch was the exception to the rule only in that he had the glass view, he could see in, he could hear, but he was also only allowed so close and only in moments of Gideons wall coming down.

As we discussed in the other thread, I think everyone on the team has some points in their lives where a small or larger part is PTSD but they go to work knowing that they must over come/or lock it up in order to save the lives and catch a killer to function, the problem with Gideon I don't think he knew how to totally lock it up, every case was just a further reminder and further advance it. He IMO sort of welcomed the inner torcher it reminded him he was alive, in doing this it can/did keep some at bay.

Now Rossi has RR under his belt and the murder of that family, and yet he is more open and responsive to those around him allowing them and himself feel more confident and comfortable. While things have haunted him and he has never fully let them go he doesn't allow them to creep in and allow them to take over, but rather the opposite, files them and moves forward they creep in occassionally but only if he allows it to (ie reminicing with the retired sheriff about the father who murdered and the son who took over) he doesn't wear it on his sleeve for people to see a sign that says stay away but rather, I know, I understand and when your ready I will be here.

I am just adding this line cause well I found it funny.
Blackwolf: [to Gideon] You look like a college professor. [to Reid] You look like his student. [to Hotchner] You look like FBI.

And if only the unsub knew what was really coming (3x3 scared to death)
Dr. Stan Howard: (to Hotchner) I think your greatest fear is that you can't save everyone.

and then at least finding his little boy alive. Good job hiding in an ice chest.
That wasn't an ice chest he was in, that was just a regular storage chest, sort of like you would put toys in or you would see at the foot of a bed.

Okay guys interesting Trivia if you will, according to (true or not) regarding ep 100:
In an early draft of the script for this episode, Hotchner was written to kill George Foyet with his own knife. However, Ed Bernero and Thomas Gibson believed the scene would be more powerful if Thomas used his bare hands.

I personally think that definitly was the right way to go.
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Yeah, it was kind of like a cedar chest that may have doubled as an extra seat if need be.

Destiny, that's interesting that they originally had Hotch kill Foyet with his own knife. I too am glad that they changed it cause I did think him doing it with his bare hands was more effective in the scene.
I was going through youtube and if you haven't seen this Video yet you should they took all the emotional scenes and put it to music, its called "Farewell" and it was done perfectly. Another good video Hotch & Haley: Full of grace Danged of you won't need tissues, or a bottle of something. :(
I prefer the change to 100. It just wouldn't have been as good.

It's probably better that Gideon didn't get as close to the others. He had a habit of getting people hurt or killed. In fact, he did it to both Elle and Reid, first by having a press conference and then by cutting off the video by claiming that it was a virus. He's kind of like Anderson- harbinger of doom.

Gideon took that PTSD and let it consume him. He let everything affect him, and blamed himself for everything. Rossi understands that, while you can blame yourself for some things, you can't let that blame control your life and your emotions.
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