Criminal Minds #3: Beware The Office Of Unfettered Omniscience

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Okay, got it. Jeez I need to be alert a little more I guess. I thought you meant either the trivia or thought I was giving names that the ep should have been called when I linked to the video's so I almost explained that no these are RL made by others video's. :lol:

Okay going to go find Caffiene. Rats bored again to, may have to find another show to do the "Who are they". :D Or find more on this show. :wtf::eek::p
Last night when I was bored I watched repeats of CM. And then figured out what Emily's cell phone number is, just because I noticed that it appeared on the screen for half a second in The Performer. When I told Bryn she actually seemed surprised that I bothered to pause in that half second. I can't imagine why she'd be surprised by that.

It's 703-555-0164 for random trivia, just to mention.

Completely random note: I found this picture in my Photobucket, Destiny, and all I could think of was what we were saying about Rossi and jeans. :D
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Is it? Good for the show for actually bothering with accuracy with a shot that only people like me would see. It's kind of like in the behind the scenes stuff for season three one of the people said that everything written on the wall in Lucky was accurate to the character of Floyd, so that even the set would be in character even if the camera would never see it.

Ohhhhhh Nice Picture. :eek:
I know, right? I saw that there and went "oh... this so fits into the current conversation!"

Boredom also sends me to play with my Photoshop. It didn't really end well. Good news is that all of them are formatted specifically for TalkCSI, so I can just grab them when I feel the need for change. I need a life. On second thought, no, I like my obsessive life.

I can't believe that there aren't any new spoilers yet. We had the spoiler pics for 101 only about a week after the pics for 100. But there haven't been any for 102 yet.

((And I still want to know what future episode was referenced in that article with Paget.))
My computer related problems have been continuing or I would've already been on here to post something about this last absolutely heartwrenching episode. I don't want to repeat things that people have already said about the episode, and I might not have time until Monday to read back on what you all posted about the ep, so I apologize if I say the same stuff that others have said.

It's Emmy Time for Thomas Gibson. They better not dare fail to nominate him and give him the Emmy this next time.

I thought the way the episode was filmed was perfect. The length of time the camera focused on Hotch after he entered the house made me feel exactly what he was feeling--the horror and fear and anger and extreme sadness.

I also liked the end where, after he was done talking with Strauss, it showed him getting in the elevator, taking it down to the floor where the team and his son were all waiting for him. This was filmed perfectly too. He walks into the room and they're all waiting for him in there to give him support. Just like family. And his son runs over and gets scooped up into Daddy's arms.

Tciddaisc, I love your new avatar.
Tciddaisc, I love your new avatar.
*g* I was trying to figure out what to do with that picture, and I figured that that was as good as anything else. :D

I loved the ending, too. Jack is officially the BAU mascot, methinks. And then once Henry hits 2.5/3, they can start having competitions. ((JJ had to have a son, because it means that the people on CM always know where to look for a kid to play Henry. "Oh, how convenient, you have a son the same age!"))
I get all excited because I see "Criminal Minds" in my Twitter, and then it's only one promo pic from Slave to Duty, which is one that is just a larger version of one we already saw (somewhat. it was rather small.). Damn you, spoilers!

See Hotch in casual clothes! See what we can assume is Haley's grave! See a very conveniently-placed bench!

I'm pretty sure that that's Rossi walking away from Hotch in the background. Which makes me excited, because I loved the scene in Omnivore. "That voice in your head, it's not your conscience. It's your ego." Potential Rossi-kicking-Hotch's-ass-for-blaming-himself! And/Or potential Rossi-being-strangely-comforting-in-his-own-way! Yay!
I think after all the discussions we had about the 100th ep, that the thread went quiet for a couple days because it fineally soaked in, lol.

Yep that is Rossi, Check out the jeans and walk. :lol:

I found an article on how the Rossi Character came to be, probably read it before but good read. 9-15-08: Joe Mantegna is Criminal Minds' choice pick
Apparently some felt the show might not be a hit after Mandy left, even Joe, so he was leery about joining at first. (Excerpt) "For the record, Special Agent David Rossi was one of the pioneers of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), an elite team of FBI profilers. He has already retired, but the recent turbulence in the BAU, headed by Special Agent Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), has forced Rossi to come out of retirement.
“He hired Aaron Hotchner,” the actor explains. “So in reality, he probably would have hired Mandy Patinkin’s character, Jason Gideon.”

Other Articles
5 Questions With: Joe Mantegna
Goes over his roles
unscripted Mandy Patinkin and his leaving, the feelings
TvGuide Online Articles on Joe & Show
Gearing up for 2007 season with Joe & not Mandy

Thats it for now I have more articles but gotta run, lol and you all need to keep your eyes from going wonky. :D
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Yep, I was 99.9% sure. How bad is it that we can tell who a character is by the clothing and the walk, in a still picture? :lol: (You know, I'm pretty sure Rossi's not wearing jeans to the funeral. I'm torn between "good" and "I'm a bit surprised".)

I'm guessing the little sign is a place marker? Or am I really behind on new tombstone designs?

I did notice one thing... if you squint and stare at the sign, it looks like the sign might say "Haley Hotchner". Which... isn't her name. I'm confused now.
I'm guessing the little sign is a place marker? Or am I really behind on new tombstone designs?

I did notice one thing... if you squint and stare at the sign, it looks like the sign might say "Haley Hotchner". Which... isn't her name. I'm confused now.

The little sign is a place marker. It takes a few weeks to make a head stone, so some places will use little signs until they come in.

My guess about her name is that maybe she never changed it back after the divorce. In Nameless, Faceless, Hotch said he always kept Haley's number under her maiden name so no one would know it was her, but maybe she never legally changed it back.
I thought it might be a place marker, but I didn't want to just call it that and sound stupid. :lol:

It's possible. I guess I just assumed that if she was in Hotch's book as "Brooks" that it was because she had changed her name. That would also explain why it was okay to call her "Mrs. Hotchner". She wasn't a "Mrs.", but her last name was "Hotchner"...
I haven't replied because I couldn't really think of anything worthwhile to say.

Most women keep their married name, especially if they have children, so that they have the same last name as their kids.

I don't want as many spoilers as I get for Bones, but some would be nice. Because otherwise I just go crazy.

I don't find it sad at all that we recognized Rossi. Just... dedicated. Lolz.

Hmmmm. I don't even know what else to address. Fail.
True. I never really thought about that. It makes sense to have the same name as Jack.

Convenient bench is still convenient, though. :D

I don't find it sad at all that we recognized Rossi. Just... dedicated.
"Dedicated" is a nice word. And it reminds me of a quote from National Treasure.

"You're one step short of crazy, what are you?"

That sort of describes us often, doesn't it? :lol:

If you're bored, Bryn, you can reply to my PM.
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