Criminal Minds #2: How May We Save Your Ass Today?

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This episode was really amazing, and I loved seeing Morgan being overprotective of Reid. I love how Emily was like "Don't emily me," it was funny. I was just heartbreaking when Reid was recording the message for his mother, what a powerful scene! Criminal Minds never disappoints :).
I just saw the promo during CSI:M and it's kind of freaking me out. The whole "pigs eating people" thing didn't bug me when it was mentioned in a CSI episode, but CM can make anything seem seriously creepy. (Not that it isn't creepy in general)

The promo also makes me kind of worried about the "character in danger" aspect... it looks like, if a character is in danger, it's going to be really awkward... I hope they do it right... (I think is the first time I've ever doubted CM, but I'm entirely serious.)

BTW: "Old MacDonald"? Totally ruined for me.
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I'm surprisingly scared. I mean, I'm more freaked out than I was about the NY finale, and I knew someone was going to die. This is really weird. I suppose that it's because the promo itself added two things to the list of Things I'll Never See The Same Way Again- pigs and "Old Macdonald".

I'm going to write my notes in two separate spoiler codes, because technically it's two separate episodes.

~*freaks out* FINALE!!!!!
~Well, that's your fault for getting into the car, idiot.
~That's the worst security ever. For serious. You could totally lie.
~What the hell are you doing?
~I like JJ's hair today. Actually, all of their hair is better than it has been.
~I hope they get new cast photos next season. Although if they pull at CSI:NY season four, and change the theme, I will kill them.
~I have no idea was "no hell, no dignity" means.
~Eh, scratch that hair thing. Reid's hair was better shorter. Might just be me, of course.
~"I hear Detroit is beautiful in the spring." The slight joking tone is amusing.
~"Why don't you start with the junkies and I'll take the working girls?" "*scoff* Keep dreaming." :lol: I love my show.
~I actually feel kind of bad for the sergeant non-UnSub guy.
~Oh, so we need to find one spot in the woods. In Canada. Should be easy, right?
~*shivers* Well, that was creepy.
~Creepy! CreepyCreepyCreepy! I won't eat pork for weeks now, thanks.
~The Cop of the Week standing up to Rossi is awesome. I like Rossi, but that doesn't mean that I want him to get away with everything too easily.
~Seriously, what is that ring on JJ's ring finger? Is it just Henry's birthstone?
~"You don't just randomly know..." But you would, Reid, wouldn't you?
~Okay, using shots of pigs to avoid showing the gore is not making it better.
~I think I'm losing track of who's in Detroit and who's in Canada. JJ, Reid, and Rossi are in Canada, I think. Or they might be leaving. Or... oh forget it.
~Something about this seems almost not-PC. Is it just me?
~Emily, why is your gun not out? It's May; you should know that it's dangerous to be on a crime show and not have your gun out in May.

~I love that there's no transition between the episodes. But they're still separate, so who cares.
~Uh... UnSub is really, really deaf. Or not exactly mentally stable.
~Morgan thinks you're insane, Em.
~Cop of the Week? You're not so cool anymore. In fact, I'm rather annoyed with you.
~"Pretty..." Not pretty anymore.
~Snark-Prentiss is still awesome.
~Shoes. Did the pigs eat the clothes to...?
~Reid, the way you said "anything" pretty much shows the way you should be feeling right now- really, really creeped out. And a little ill.
~Emily doesn't know how to say this gently, buddy.
~Damn it. Garcia was supposed to be nice and safe in Quantico. Now my entire team is in potential danger.
~Rossi doesn't care, dude. Which is why Rossi is awesome. And him slowly playing with the air pipe is both chilling and effective.
~"Nah, me and Mason are having a great time. Aren't we Mason?" Hee. Mason's "I will kill you" look is also amusing.
~Mice. Like we needed any more references to Of Mice and Men.
~The conversation between Morgan and William is nice.
~Reid is the Bearer of Foreshadowing.
~Splitting up sounds like bad idea. Who suggested that? Prentiss? Bad Emily.
~No one makes Garcia cry. You must die now.
~Something tells me that William is going to murder you, so it's all good. Not for Mason (or William, really), but Mason's just a jerk. So not Lincoln Rhyme.
~The victim must have learned manipulation from the team. She's doing quite well.
~Almost three years? For some reason I thought it was longer than that, but now that I think about it, that's right.
~My mom just started yelling "Don't kill the bunny! What did it do to you?!" from upstairs. I guess she doesn't care about the people he killed? *sigh* My family.
~It's probably some innocent hunter. Oh, I'm right.
~And Emily in your face. Do not mess with her team.
~The Canada guy's probably going "WTF? FBI? This is Canada."
~Twenty minutes left in the season. *sad*
~This is pretty much Emily and Derek's version of "sorry for tackling you and aiming a gun at your head".
~Victim is smart. It actually was rather helpful. Nice!
~Hey, you spoilers were wrong! There was supposed to be a character in danger. Morgan being punched by a hunter doesn't count.
~Ninety-three lives forever altered. And the team... Hotch, you'll never truly win. And as long as they try, they can sleep at night.
~Should I eat my words about the character in danger? I think so. The Reaper? I thought he was going to go after Morgan. Shit.
~HOTCH! What is it with you and season finales, buddy?
OMG! Totally not what I was expecting. Noooo!

This show is so awesome. I really do not post on this thread enough to praise this show.

UGH! How long do we have to wait???
There are no words to describe the awesomeness of this show. Really. None.

I promised myself that I will not come into this thread before seeing the episode and read the spoilers. You know that it lasted a whole minute, don't you?

Last year the season started around the end of September, so I'm guessing that it's going to be same for this one. I hope the cliffhanger is a little less mind killing (so to speak) than last year's Lo-Fi.

For serious. "You should have taken the deal. *bang*" It's like Fisher King, which makes me hope that it will be exactly like FK and the Reaper didn't shoot Hotch in the head.

It was such a good episode. I managed to pull off having an actual episode, and then at the very end having a finale cliffhanger.

The blanket covered in shoes made me shiver. The concept was pretty horrifying. I personally loved Rossi playing with Mason's breathing tube. It was just threatening enough to be scary, but not so threatening that it made him less of a good guy.

Ugh, it's going to take forever to write a review from two hours' worth of episode. I guess I better get started.
Wow what an episode.

The pigs freaked me cos I noticed the noise and was like hmmm then the pigs and because they kept going to them I then remembered the CSI ep with the pigs and it just creeped me out.

But the ending argh gonna have to go back over old eps to work it out ihave an ideabut can't remember the episode.
If you're talking about the guy with the gun on Hotch, it was the Reaper from Omnivore.

What worries me is that the Reaper killed everyone that was conscious to know they were going to die. Unless he wanted Hotch to live to see his team be taken on and lose or something, that's really bad news for Hotch.

Although it does set up a strong premiere... serial killer that beat the team returns, and they must defeat him while their leader is seriously injured by said killer.

(ETA: Hey, over 1,000 posts! And I haven't even hit my one-year mark yet! I feel like that's slightly pathetic...)

Double ETA: Urk, the review is finally finished. My head hurts, and it's not even that that long.
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The finale was great, even though the pigs freaked me out. Honestly, despite everything Lucas did I felt bad for him after seeing his mental state of mind. His brother Mason is a creep, for someone who is paralyzed he sure has a sick mind. I am so glad he was shot, as I believe he would've gotten away with what he did.
As for the ending, OMG!! I hope nothing happens to Hotch!
Robert Pickton anyone? :lol: Yes, they had to do the crazy pig farm in Canada of course.

If anyone isn't familiar with that case, here are some of the details. There were two brothers, one claimed he didn't have anything to do with the murders. Some people believe Robert wasn't smart enough to pull the murders off and are suspicious of his involvement. Prostitutes were targeted, killed, then fed to the pigs. And while many of them went missing, the police ignored it. Sound familiar? Granted the motive was different. I figured this would start popping up on american crime shows.

I was too distracted by all the canadian references! It is rare for american shows to come here. Flashpoint is set in Toronto, but it is a canadian made show. Also, whenever Canada is mentioned, they usually say vauge things about the location, like 'its in Canada, or Toronto'

Canadian references i found:

-Ok, the border crossing is real, and that is the buisiest one. And yes, that is all the security there is...many people cross for buisness, it would be impractical to search every car. That is how all of our guns come here.

- Ok, points to Hotch for mentioning the RCMP, but we wouldn't say 'Royal Canadian Mounted Police' :lol: Too wordy

-Windsor! hahaha, closest city is detroit, so they researched the geography correctly.

-they actually said Ontario...usually leave the province names out.

-The OPP (ontario provincial police) were walking around...they got the uniforms correct. Impressive.

-Turns out the pig farm was in Sarnia, lol. I did a double take when Hotch said that.

It is doubtful the FBI would actually come up to investigate though....the FBI and RCMP work together for certain crimes, but don't usually cross the borders. It is tv though.

Gah the ending :eek: Between Miami, CM and NY...crazy finale week. Is he leaving the show? Hopefully not. The mask looks familiar, i will have to go back to find that episode.
The whole ep was great the ending was really shocking starting from the guy with no foot shooting the paralyzed guy (sorry guys awful with remembering names)
Hotch arriving to his house was heart pumping especially seeing the guy with the black mask and especially the gun going off and not seeing who gets shot.

Great another cliffhanger:(
Ugh CBS start the pemieres already:scream:
Guy with a missing leg- William
Paralyzed guy- Mason
Guy with black mask- Reaper/Foyett (Omnivore)

I think I'm willing to give up the summer before senior year in order to see the season five premiere. Something's wrong with me. Quick, is there a Criminal Minds Addicts Anonymous Group? :lol:
EWWW, what a horrible story, and yes we all knew, I think about the Canadian pig farmer, it was in our news here, gross:klingon: the poor girl trapped with the less than sharp loser guy in a bunker. And the whole thing was so creepy. To much to talk about, anyway everyone saw it, but the ending, Who was hiding and lying in wait:confused:
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