Bring Back Louie!


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Ok, I thought I'd open this thread because, well--we want Louie back!

Louie was introduced in season two and the last time we saw him, he was clinging to life in a hospital bed at the end of 'Run Silent, Run Deep'. He hasn't been seen since, and despite a few mentions of him during season 3 (during the Shane Casey story arc), we still don't know his status. Is he dead? Is he in a vegetative state? Is he alive and well? Has he disappeared into the vortex of lost continuity, never to be seen or heard from again? *cue horror music*

Carmine says he's alive. Lenkov says he's alive. But the fans really want to know, and the best way to do that is to BRING LOUIE BACK! A little less conversation and a little more action is in order, I say. :D
:lol: I was wondering who would start this thread! :lol:

I voted to Bring Back Louie! :D Let's face it, Danny Drama rules and there's a lot of great potential with his brother for more drama. I kinda liked Carmine's idea about the Irish mob guys, but I think there are other ways to bring Louie back, too.

If I rubbed my nose and smelled peanut butter, I'd be sad. I hate peanut butter. :(
Yeah, I definitely think bringing Louie back would only happen if there was Danny drama to be had in the process. :p I know they can come up with something great, so I'm really hoping we see Louie next season (since I'm not counting on him being shoved into the episodes being filmed to add to the end of the season, not with the rushed production schedule and such :p).

(The peanut butter thing is something my older sister said once. I have no idea why she was rubbing her nose hard, or why she smelled peanut butter, much less why she asked me if I've ever experienced the same thing, but there you go. Then again, this is the same 25-year-old that saw The Nines the other day and asked me--in all seriousness--if koalas are telepathic and can control the weather. :rolleyes:)
Yeah, I'd also want Louie back. If they only had said what happened to him at the end of "Run Silent, Run Deep" but nope...
But, maybe, it's not the best moment now, with all that Rubén drama over Danny.
I erally would love to see some form of ending to the Louie storyline. I couldn not believe that eseveral eps later or even intehe two new series they have been showing that it has barely been mentioned. I am still pretty confused to wheatehr he's alive or dead, or in acoma, You have to amit it did look pretty bleak for Louie.

lol I have never tasted peanut butter, so what am I missing there?

As for the Koala's I'm laughing my ass off.
Louie? That name sounds familiar. I can't quite remember who he is, though. Oh wait, he's the guy that's stuck somewhere in "CSI: NY's Big Black Hole of Loose Ends."

Hell yeah, bring back Louie! Or if Larry Romano isn't available at least tell us for sure what the hell happened to him.

I think it's a good idea if someone artistic (aka: not me) would make up a "Where's Louie?" picture a la "Where's Waldo?" with the back drop being NY, and we could send it to TPTB as a hint. :p There's also a part of me that would love to see "CSI: NY: The Musical" written by Joss Whedon. :D
Well of course I voted for the first option. Bringing Louie back means compelling storylines (and I can think of at least half a dozen different ideas) and Danny-drama, two things I (and most of the fans I'm sure ;)) am always eager to watch. :D

Oh, and let's not forget the equation drama + great acting = good ratings. Bringing back the character is a safe bet so writers, please let us know what the hell happened to him!
I voted for Louie back however i had a strong urge to ask for NY the musical that would just be out of this world.

Its annoying they mention his name and all they have to do is mention if he is actually still alive, that would least give us an idea.
Gee Fay, make it hard why don't you? So many lovely buttons to click :D

But yeah, we want Louie back. They're probably not going to bring him back this season, although they might if they run out of ideas. 7 Episodes is enough, and RSRD came and went in 1.

Although actually bringing him back would be cool, and more Danny drama makes people happy, but I think at worse they could do is somehow incorporate the mentioning of Louie's status in an episode, whether it be about him or not.

Better than nothing right?
Nice thread, Fay.

Bring back Louie, damn it. It's fine and well that Carmine and Lenkov both say he's alive, but we as viewers have yet to see any evidence of that.

It's a great story and it's tragic that nothing has been done to follow up on that. When a lead character is in tears over the near-death beating of a family member, just for consistency sake, it'd be great to let us know the outcome. It's a tease ... kinda like the way Carmine always takes off his shirt but keeps his pants on or takes the pants down but doesn't turn around. :lol:
yea we gots a thread now! I saw it and I'm all "YEA!" now hopefully a certin producer of a certin show....*coughchough* :) will see it.. :)
We really need to know what happened to Loiue, so I really hope TPTB will let us see him and his interaction with Danny. He almost died trying to protect him after all, so all their issues should be ressolved by now.
I just would like to make 2 points against this idea.

1. Yes, he may be alive - but the guy is half vegittable ;
most people know that if a person stays in come for too long the loose brain tissue - making them hadicapped (to say the least). Bsides the fact that he got beat up to an inch of his life.

2. If he comes back - he's gonna drag Danny into trouble -yet again. I think we've learned that - that hangng out with Tanglewood boys is bad bussiness. Especially with Danny's history.You know what they say - better safe than sorry.
I would just like some closure on the storyline - alive, dead, disabled, let's just find out!

if they can't fit it in to this season then come on -...season 5 baby...granted we've had a lot of Danny drama already this season, so I think the likelyhood is low that it will conclude anytime soon...but Season 5 is ripe with possibility.

I will keep my fingers crossed that they are able to rescue Louie from the black pit of lost and forgotten storylines that sits in the corner of the writers' room...Someone get the harness ready, I'm goin in! :cool: ... wow...taken out of context, that could be super-durty :devil:... :lol:, there I go again... :rolleyes: