Birthday Wishes To LV Stars #2

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Ah yes, I agree Baba - I liked her better than the, err...second Ellie :) even though she was not nice to Brass :p
The best Ellie! Why they changed actresses, I don't know and was a stupid mistake, but it was bound to happen. :p

Anyways, happy birthday Nikki!
Happy Birthday today, June 9, to Kelly Connell, who played Randy Gesek, funeral director, in 4 episodes. Also known for his roles as Carter Pike on Picket Fences and more recently Attorney John Hoberg in a couple of Boston Legal episodes. Kelly, if you are lurking around this board, sign in and say hello.
Up Coming Birthdays For July

Jorja Fox 7-07

Eric Szmanda 7-24

Jon Wellner (Henry Andrews) 7-11

Share A Birthday:
*I know some share birthdays with the stars listed above there is a thread in Miscellaneous Where you can wish a member a happy birthday, please do so there, Thanks.*

We also remind all members to please read the first post of this thread regarding how we are doing this with birthday's.
Happy birthday to Jorja Fox!

6 of my friends share the same birthday as Eric Szmanda. And 4 share the same birthday with Louise Lombard. :)
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