Birthday Wishes To LV Stars #2

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Happy Birthday, Paul, from a fellow member of the generation who turned the word "party" into a verb... :D Have a great one, you rock!!
Happy Birthday, Mr. Guilfoyle. I hope this one will be your best one ever, and may you have many, many more to come.
You are the best! :)
Update: due to some differing opinions on birth years of the stars, I have decided to remove them from the above list, so from now on it will only reflect the Month-day of birth.

Also Thank you to Dynamo1 for helpping with some of the birthdays listed.
I wish I could meet George Eads/Nick Stokes and Eric Szmanda/Greg Sanders for one of my birthdays in the near future. Just one of my big time wishes.
The Link to "MISC" for members birthdays Has been updated in the first post. :D
Happy Birthday today, May 26, to Nikki Lynn Aycox (Ellie Brass #1 from season 2 episode "Ellie").
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