Birthday Wishes To LV Stars #2

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I have seen individual Birthday wishes to the stars of this show. So I thought I would create a post that lists the stars Name and Birthday, and we could keep the happy birthday wishes all in one, so people don't get confused. Just put the Stars name in Bold that your wishing a Happy Birthday to.

This is not for characters but for the real life actor/actresses, characters b-days should be done in their discussion threads.

The only way for the actors/actresses to be put up in is if they have appeared as the same character more then twice and may possibly return.

If you share a birthday with a star, find a name and b-day of some who was a guest? please read below. Thank you.

William Petersen 2-21

George Eads 3-01
Wallace Langham 3-11
Scott Wilson (Sam Braun) 3-29
Gerald McCullouch (Bobby Dawson) 3-30

Melinda Clarke (Lady Heather) 4-24
Glenn Morshower (Sheriff Mobley) 4-24
Paul Guilfoyle 4-28

Nikki Lynn Aycox (Ellie #1) 5-26

Lauren Lee Smith 6-19

Jorja Fox 7-07
Jon Wellner (Henry Andrews) 7-11
Eric Szmanda 7-24
Laurence Fishburne 7-30

Liz Vassey (Windy Simms) 8-9
Madison McReynolds (Lindsey Willows #1) 8-17
Anthony E Zuiker (Creator) 8-17
Marc Vann 08-23

Larry Sullivan (Officer Akers) 9-10
Louise Lombard 09-13
Aisha Tyler (Mia Dickerson) 9-18
Jerry Bruckheimer (Producer) 9-21
Teal Redmann (Ellie #2) 9-30

Sheeri Rappaport (Mandy) 10-27

David Berman 11-01
Robert David Hall 11-09
Alex Carter (Det. Vartann) 11-12
Marg Helgenberger 11-16

Gary Dourdan 12-11
Archie Kao (Archie Johnson) born 12-14
Xander Berkeley (Sheriff Atwater) 12-16
Josh Berman (Writer) 12-20
Timothy Carhart (Eddie Willows) 12-24
Ted Danson 12-29

Share A Birthday:
*I know some share birthdays with the stars listed above there is a thread in Miscellaneous Where you can wish a member a happy birthday, please do so there, Thanks.*

SIDE NOTE: for those who guest star once or twice this isn't the thread for that, I would recommend they be put in General TV & Media. or for music (ie "The Who") CSI Music Forum.

Why New Thread?
For those wondering, we decided to to some reconstruction and add in a few names, and what this thread is for. We ask that everyone please read the first post and please follow what this post is for, if you have other birthday's you want us to take under consideration please Pm them to me, but keep in mind that if they don't fit the guidelines they may not be put up.

We also ask that you not put in "Name of star" who guest appeared in "Name of ep" has a b-day to day, we recommend for that you read the Side Note listed.
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Starting out the "Newest" version of our birthday thread I would like to wish

A Happy Birthday To: .. Paul Guilfoyle 4-28-55
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paul- we love ya baby- your the funnist guy on CSI and your humor can't be matched- keep on rocking ;)like fine wine- the older the better ;)
brassfan24, check your math. He is only 51. But he still looks good for that age, too. Considering I'm older than he is:

Happy birthday Paul. Welcome to the Old Geezers Club. :)
Dynamo1 said:
brassfan24, check your math. He is only 51.

No he's not. IMDB has it wrong. He was born in 1949. I have an article dated from 2 years ago when he gave an interview at his old high school and it said he was 55 at the time.

Also I have his commencement speech posted on my website. The one he gave to the class of 2005. He graduated from Boston College High School in 1967. If he was born in 1955 that would make him 12 when he graduated high school. It just doesn't work.
Thanks, brassfan24. I need to do my reference checks in more places than IMDB. Another site confirmed what you said. But haven't found an Official PG site.
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