BBQ - I'm Burnin' It!


Master of the Moos
Ok, I'm being weird with title but anyways...

Do you like to barbique? If so, what you usually put in the grill? What's your favourite? Do you buy food just from the store and do you mix your "own speciality"?

I personally. I'm a steak and sausage person. Man, it's so good with beer, esp sausages. And mustard. Mmmm.
Other than that, corn is really, really great. We put some kind of honey sauce on it and it's yummy.

Today I grilled one kind of steaks, corn, Hornets (really spicey chicken wings) and... my dad's fave (ugh) mushrooms/champions that has blue cheese inside and those are wrapped to bacon.
i love BBQs!
usually sausage, burgers and bbq-chicken

im not great at STARTING bbq fires...but great at cooking them

im having one for my birthday, if i can walk.

(in fact i broke my ankle in a bbq/beer/footy session :p - what i do and love the most :lol: )
I like to throw on some Rib-eye steaks, burgers and pork chops. I have a charcoal grill, not the fancy gas ones, just the cheap one and I love the smell of it. Nothing says summer like the smoke and fire of the grill. Mmmmmm...Barbeque.
MMMM! bbq's! we're having one right now! with steak, turky burgers, hot-dogs, and corn!(we have alot of people to feed)
And of coarse A-1 sasue on absolutly everything! LOL! George Eads loves steak and A-1 sause himself! I just read up on that. Who couldnt? WHATS YOUR FAVOURETE BBQ SAUSE?
:lol: The thread title was so interesting I had to peek in here!

I like to use charcoal grills (although my husband owns a gas one) since it gives the food more of a smoked flavor. We're actually bbq-ing for the 4th of July.

I'll be cooking some of my favs: ribs, steaks, corn, some shish cabob, etc. I'm a big eatter for my size ;). I do have a lot of recipes that I try out but I never take the chance when I've got company.
I leave that to win my hubby and I are by ourselves and I can hear him say something like, "Jess, don't tell me you put brown sugar on my chicken." :lol:
my mum cooks roasts in the bbq... and potatoes and vegetables along with the usual, steaks, sausages, burgers etc. yeah, we bbq alot.
I love bbq food, me and my family bbq at leat twice a week. I love almost any bbq food, I could eat all of it non-stop. Steaks, burgers, hot dogs, sausage, ribs, chicken, and I can't forget smores. To me it doesn't seem like their's a major difference with gas and charcoal grilling. I really don't tast a difference. For all of you beer lovers, have any of you tried beer can chicken. I know you can get it in a couple restaurants. All it is, is chicken that you put in a full can of beer while it cooks, the beer is still in the can. You might want to do a recipie search for something like it.
:lol: This thread is making me hungry!

My absolute thing to cook on the grill is corn on the cob. It tastes sooo much better straight off the grill instead of being cooked inside.

Other than that, bbq chicken, burgers, and my dad makes these wonderful seasoned potatoes that he cuts up wraps in foil. They are delicious!
DaWacko said:
my dad's fave (ugh) mushrooms/champions that has blue cheese inside and those are wrapped to bacon.

...That does sound kind of gross. The bacon part sounds good, but...I'm sure to some people, steaks, hot dogs and burgers sound pretty gross too.

Funny story, my mother happened to overhear some people talking about cooking baked beans on the BBQ. Being a smart-aleck and trying to make people think she's a dumb blonde, she arched her eyebrows and asked "Well how do you keep em from falling through? And it must take forever to turn every one of them over!" It felt like the entire room went silent and dropped their jaws LOL.
Hummer said:
:lol: The thread title was so interesting I had to peek in here!

I thought it is fair description :p

actually the mushroom/bluecheese/bacon is pretty used combination.

Heee, a few days ago I dropped one corn down and it was all black (because the coal) and I just lifted it back and my bro was eating it and asked "where the hell you've dropped this?" I said "uh no, grill is bit...dirty" he says "Now how friggin dirty it is because there's sand on this corn!" So he didnt' eat it, i took paper and wiped sand/coal off and ate it :p
Actually I'm having a BBQ with dad tonight :p Yup, just the two of us.. last night he said: "So Jayney, tomorrow will be our final bachelor day.." (because my mum is away), so he said we need to celebrate.. then he said: "sooo.. what do they normally do on bachelor parties??" Me: "Ohhhh daddy!!! STRIPPERS YAY!!" Dad: "my thought exactly!" :lol:

Anywhoo.. we haven't bought anything for the BBQ yet, but there's probably going be salads, sausages, frikandellen (Dutch thing), skewers, cutlets, and baquet and herb butter. And I'm still hoping for a stripper. :p
me was burnt by the bbq. burnt my hair on my face (slightly). my hair off my arms.
but i like garlic mussels on the bbq as well as chicken