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heheh....kitty cats!

I am not surprised that the Jays released Shannon Stewart today...or yesterday. I can't really explain it, but I am more content knowing he's moved on. I liked him in his first round as a Jay, but I could never fully understand them (front office) bringing him back a second time. Oh well, it gives Adam Lind the chance he needed to prove his worth and boy is her ever this season...Good for him. Often overlooked, but give him a couple more years playing the way he is at this moment, and he'll be a force to be reckoned with..

Speaking of the Yankees, a friend of mine is heading out to the last game to be played in Yankee Stadium...I don't know how she managed tickets, but she got them and is
They get rid of Casey (3rd base) and Keep Marte, they get rid of CC (Pitcher), they get ride of Paul (pitcher) geez these three guys are what got them close to the WS last year, okay we are having a bad season, and all three were free agents at the end of the season but WTH. I need to go mourn. :scream::shifty::scream:

Sorry Destiny - Nuts to them :angryrazz: I don't get the concept of trading talent away either, unless you get something better in return.

From Twins Territory, we start the big dance - up a game, down a game, etc. We beat the Yanks yesterday 4-0 :thumbsup: - hopefully we can repeat tonight and tomorrow.
Congrats to the Jays getting back on their winning way, had a little detour but now your back on the road. Beating the kitty cats 7-2.

I like the comment but I don't think the kitty cats approve. They are currently beating the Jays 4-1 in the seventh.

I have no problems with the Jays releasing Shannon Stewart. I was surprise in the spring when they signed him and let Reed Johnson go. Johnson looks like he may be heading to post season the way the White Sox are playing.

And Destiny I do wonder why teams that aren't doing well trade away their talent. I'm surprised at all the trading Cleveland is doing. Yeah their season is probably over but shouldn't you be looking at next year. The Jays at one point in July were talking about trading Burnett. Some days I think it would be a good idea and then other days I think he's needed to help with the next Jays. And yeah I know there is a slim chance of them making post season but I somehow don't think they will.
Congrats to both the Jays and the Tribe on their wins tonight.
Jays took the tigers down to a small meow in a 6-4 win.
Tribe got the O's hopes up then dash them in a 7-5 win.

Re trading: The thing is about Sabathia, Blake, and Byrd, all three were due for free agency at the end of this season. The tribe has stated that if possible next season they would welcome back Sabathia and Blake if they want to return. I didn't note Byrd in there since nothing was mentioned today but in all honesty it did take them a day or so to say it about the others as well. I guess its fine were not exactly in last place after tonight we are now second to last lol. I guess it allows those three to try for a playoff series and I do wish them well. But it also allows them to test the free agency, at the end of the season.

HEADS UP JAYS!!! Remember Paul Byrd, he pitched the complete game Saturday Aug 9 against y'all for the Tribe... Duck cause here he comes again but as an RS ["Byrd is scheduled to start Friday night at home against Toronto."] So if you think about it, now is your chance to take back or get revenge. :p

GO T & J !!!! :thumbsup: :shifty: :bolian:
Is Reed Johnson with the White Socks or the Cubs? Either way, that was one of my biggest annoyances at the beginning of the season...that he was traded and Shannon Stewart was brought back. I still don't understand that move but I guess there is some sort of reason behind it. Oh well, congrats for him and the team he's on.

LOL...revenge can be sweet...hopefully the Jays can do it.

Did I not hear something about Manny Ramirez and his disappearing act during one of the games recently? I caught something on the news, but never had time to stop and take it in.
I think the Tribe felt bad for the O's we lost 6-1, but Raffie Betancourt did very well, 2 scoreless innings, he got into a jam and managed to get out of it with ease. Tomorrow ends the four game series, then we play the LAA. - They found a pitcher to replace Byrd, Zach Jackson has been called up from AAA Buffalo, he will start tomorrow.
Is Reed Johnson with the White Socks or the Cubs?
He is a cub Centerfielder.
Did I not hear something about Manny Ramirez and his disappearing act during one of the games recently? I caught something on the news, but never had time to stop and take it in.
Yep apparently in the eighth there was some miscommunication according to the manager, and a joke from manny included, Here is the Story on it.
Congrats to the Jays on the 4-3 win.
Well the bullpen blew this afternoon's game. The Jays lost 0-5. The Jays brought Litsch back up and he was leading 1-0 when he left. Mind you the batters weren't helping much :scream: Oh well on to Boston for the weekend.

Go Jays and Tribe :)
After getting rained on last night the Jays and Red Sox did manage to get tonight's game in. Toronto 4 Boston 1. Doc went the complete game and lost the shutout in the bottom of the ninth. A solo homer to Justin Pedroia. Paul Byrd went 7 and a third innings giving up all 4 runs.

Last nights rain out will be made up on Sept 13 with a day/night doubleheader.

Cleveland lost to the Angles 4-3

Go Jays and Tribe :)
I read that about Byrd, I feel bad for him, not so much for the sux, umm I mean sox. as to our games. I haven't kept up and I am sorry.

Tribe v BAL
Game 1: 13-5 (Tribe)
Game 2: 7-5 (tribe)
Game 3: 1-6 (Bal)
Game 4: 6-11 (Bal)

Tribe v LAA
Game 1: 3-2 (Tribe) (Cliff Lee's 17th game win, complete game to)
Game 2: 3-4 (LAA)
Game 3: Coming tomorrow

Well I have to say that Raffie Betancourt (no jinx I hope) threw two scoreless innings today, Fausto went 7 innings gave up four runs but went over 100 pitches, the problem came when the Tribe made 4 (I believe) errors. Dellucci and Garko both hit Homers, Dellucci to tie the game, then Garko to retie the game and give us a brief lead.

I hate Fox broadcasting, they don't know the names of the players, they really suck at announcing, we kept praying that it would end no matter what. STO is so much better and their funny too lol. But the upside, after today no more FOX for us. :D

In other news, Victor went 0-2 with a walk in his first rehab at AA Akron, and Josh went 0-2 in his first same place. Travis maybe going out on rehab next weekend thats not confirmed completely yet.

And Fineally something we thought would never see happen...
Ramirez gets his dreadlocks trimmed and there is a pic. :guffaw:
I hate Fox broadcasting, they don't know the names of the players, they really suck at announcing, we kept praying that it would end no matter what. STO is so much better and their funny too lol. But the upside, after today no more FOX for us. :D

What, did they have Buck and McCarver calling the game?

At least you don't have to listen to Sterling and Waldman on the radio. Especially Sterling, who makes it a point to put himself over the game being played. Having XM Radio, I always look forward to when the Yankees are on the road, so I don't have to listen to those assclowns.

But hey, at least we don't have Hawk Harrelson. I've heard of homer announcers before, but this guy makes an art out of it. Between calling the White Sox "The Good Guys", to overtly cheering on the team, not hiding his biasism, no wonder many Chicago fans want him gone.
Nope it wasn't those two that were announcing it was Jose Mota (who wasn't to bad though didn't say much), the other was more robotic deep voice and sounded kind of dumb (yeah I know not much help lol) but I can't remember the guys name right now.

I am use to Matt Underwood and Rick Manning on STO those two when they get going are funny as all get out. But again no more fox for us for the rest of the season. BTW umpires that know they are on national tv need to stop worrying about image and worry more about strike zones, both teams had problems, if the hands and the bat go over the plate you have swung but if they go over by a mila-inch according to HP ump you have swung. One guy was almost called out, except the crew chief jumped in and called it safe. Not to mention that there was a wild pitch and Shoppach jumped up to get it, think that ump would move? heck know he had to be pushed out of the way, Kelly lost the ball and a run scored. (hence the 4-3 score). I don't like Buck and Carver either I don't like FOX in general you have the pregame show, which is about every game BUT the one that is about to be played. And gee think that play favs.

STO has Al Pawlowski who takes you around baseball, interviews the players and doesn't have the "picks" of the game. and he does do some summery on other games when were in between batters. For instance if the Jays and Sox are up he will give a quick replay of how they got to where they are, then back to the game. The next time, another team, and if its just the two that are interesting he will go back and forth on them.

Here are a couple Links to STO
Sports Time Ohio Home Page
The Jays just finished doing in the Red Sox 15-4 :) They had a 22 hits, and 4 walks. Of those 22 hits 10 were for doubles, 1 triple and 1 homer. Shawn Marcum got the win while Josh Beckett took the loss. Adam Lind was a triple away from the cycle. I think only two Jays have ever hit for the cycle. Kelly Gruber was the first and Jeff Frye did it last in 2001.

The game took almost 3 and a half hours to play.

And on the topic of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, I can't stand them either. I haven't watch a game on tv probably since the World Series. Most of the games we 'watch' we use the computer and use I like watching the game but I can't stand the announcers. I do like the Jays' annoucners on the radio though. For many many years Tom Cheek and Jerry Howarth were the play by play announcers. Tom Cheek was the Cal Ripken of radio. From 1977 to 2004 Cheek had called 4,303 games. He took time off in 2004 for his dad's death and then he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Cheek died in 2005 :( When Tom and Jerry called the game they were many a time that we would watch the game on tv but listen to the play by play from the radio. Last year former Jay Alan Ashby joined Howarth in the booth and they make a good team.

The Jays' tv announcers jump back and forth depending on what channel has the games. I find most of the tv announcers want to cater to the younger crowd which is why I don't want to listen to them.
Congrats to the Jays. :)
Well we returned the favor against the LAA in the rubber match taking the series today 4-3. Jeremy Sowers fineally has win number two and Jensen Lewis got his third save. We have tomorrow off, then we play KC for three.

Probable Pitchers Tribe v KC

Anthony Reyes v Luke Hochevar
Zach Jackson v Gil Meche
Cliff Lee v Zack Greinke

Go T & J!!! :bolian: :shifty: :bolian:
Wow - go Jays! :thumbsup:

Twins swept the Mariners 9-3, 7-6, and 11-8. We host the A's for the next three days. Currently tied with Chicago for the AL Central.

I've been a Twins fan all my life but in the last handful of years don't follow as closely as I'd like to - but I always find it really hard to follow games on the radio. I don't know - maybe I have some kind of adult baseball-related ADD or something? Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?
I actually follow the game better on the radio. I have to say XM is a blessing to have in my car. Not only do I get a different perspective during Yankee road games (they use the home team broadcast for each game), my radio is usually on MLB Home Plate. Ironically, XM came with my car, before MLB signed with them, but having all baseball games on my radio is one of the reasons I highly recommend it.

As with watching the World Series on TV up in Canada (which I assume some of you are from considering you are Jays fans), I thought you usually get Rick Sutcliffe and, I forget who does PBP with Sutcliffe. I hear those guys were good. The weird thing with McCarver is, he wasn't always this bad.

As for the Yankees on TV, it is also a crapshoot on who does the announcing, as they have a rotating announce team, to say the least. I think they have at least 3 guys who can do play-by-play, with about 7 color analysts. Ken Singleton is pretty decent at PBP, but I cannot stand Michael "See Ya" Kay. As for the color guys, John Flaherty is a very good analyst, while David Cone is enjoyable as he mixes good analysis with Bert Blyleven-like foot-in-mouth retorts.
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