All I Need.. [Catherine/Sara Friendship & GSR]

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    YAY! Good update! Sorry about being so impatient before :D
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    like WOAHH!


    like now.

    before i die of suspence.

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    Sara watched Grissom sleep deeply. His eyelids were shut over his blue eyes, and every now and then they’d flutter, his dreams running around behind them. Catherine dozed behind her in a chair in the corner of the room, her head hanging limply to the side, her left arm hanging over the arm of the chair.

    Sara sat on the edge of the bed, near enough to Grissom’s head to reach out and stroke his cheek or hair when she felt like it. Her whole body was exhausted from being awake for 10 straight hours, waiting for something to happen.

    Sara stood up and walked slowly towards Catherine, stepping lightly on the hard floors so she didn’t make any noise. She knelt by the side of the chair and shook Catherine’s shoulder gently, whispering for her to get up.

    “Cath,” Sara whispered, “C’mon, get up.”

    Catherine moaned and her eyes opened into small slits. “No,” she whined, rolling into a more comfortable position.

    “You can go home, get some sleep, be with Lindsey,” Sara persisted, almost bribing her to leave. “It’s early in the morning, almost 1,” she said, checking her watch. Catherine nodded and stood up, Sara following her.

    Catherine walked towards the door rubbing her eyes tiredly. She turned and looked back at Sara who was sitting back on the edge of the bed, watching Grissom.

    “If there’s anything you need,” Catherine said, her voice scratchy, “Just call me at your house and I’ll be right over.”

    “Thanks Cat,” Sara turned her attention to the older woman, her brown eyes drooping. “You can do one thing for me as soon as you get home.”

    “What’s that,” Catherine asked, leaning against the doorframe.

    “Kiss my daughters good night, and then get some sleep for me,” Sara said, throwing Catherine a small smile. Catherine nodded and smiled, then turned, her long strawberry blonde hair fanning out behind her. She left the hospital room with grace, leaving Sara alone to be tired and worried.

    Trying to occupy herself, Sara decided to think on the last time she had been in a hospital room without being on a case. She thought back to her years living in Las Vegas, and couldn’t come up with a time, minus the birth of her daughters.

    Sara hated doctors, and she hated hospitals, and she hated checkups, and she hated just about everything that reminded her about doctors, and hospitals, and checkups.

    “And I hate hot paramedics,” Sara thought out loud.

    Yes, Hank had been a tragedy. It turned out she was the third wheel, the other girl, the affair. Sara had stayed off men for a long time after Hank, their seemingly perfect relationship not so perfect after all. But she had seen signs. Too many, it turned out, that she had ignored.

    Grissom was a different kind of man. He was kind and caring and compassionate and sincere. He knew when to be funny and when to be serious, when to be romantic and when to be passionate. He kind of had this suspended first date way about him, like even though they were just about to be married they were still trying to figure each other out. It was sort of a Danny-Sandy relationship, not really showing anyone the true side of their love.

    Sara hummed “Summer Loving” from “Grease” as she tidied up the hospital room, putting vases of flowers on the windowsill, along with cards from Catherine, Brass, Nick Warrick and Greg together, Wendy and Jackie, Hodges and Ecklie, and some guy Sara couldn’t put a face to.

    Sara heaved a huge sigh and slumped down in the chair Catherine had been dosing in. She propped her head up on her elbow, leaning on the arm of the wooden chair and tried to keep awake. Her eyes shut for a brief moment, then fluttered open again. Sara checked her watch again – It had been 6 hours in the same room for her.

    Her thoughts were interrupted when a nurse by the name of “Elizabeth”, judging by her shiny silver nametag, walked into the room with a clipboard in her hand. She didn’t notice Sara in the chair until Sara coughed gently. The nurse turned towards the direction of the noise, looking startled when she realized she wasn’t alone in the room.

    “Miss,” the nurse questioned, “You know, he won’t be awake for a while now. Why don’t you head on home, get some sleep, a hot shower and some breakfast and come back.

    “Are you sure? I would love that so much,” Sara said tonelessly, too tired, “I need to go see my daughters.”

    “Daughters? Oh, how sweet,” the young nurse smiled a youthful smile, “How old?”

    “Twins, actually. Five months on the 14th,” Sara boasted. “They’re beautiful girls. He’s the father,” Sara indicated towards Grissom.

    “Oh, they must be so adorable. Who do they look like? You or Mr. Grissom,” the girl asked.

    “Well, they have my hair and face, but his eyes and chin.” Sara smiled at the young woman, “Isabella Hope and Catherine Faith.”

    “Gorgeous!” The nurse was bubbling over with excitement. “Would you mind bringing them here when you come back? I love kids.”

    “Sure, maybe it’ll break up your day,” Sara smiled as she walked towards the door. “I should be back at around 7 or 8. Will you be here then?”

    “I sure will. See you, Mrs. Grissom,” the nurse called as Sara left the room.

    Sara didn’t bother to correct her. After all, they were getting married in less than two weeks. She figured she might as well start getting used to it.


    Catherine tiptoed past Lindsey, who had dozed off on the couch shortly after she had gotten home at about 1:30. She opened the door to a dropping Sara, leaning against the wall outside the house. Catherine held the door open for her as she dragged her feet inside.

    “Tired,” Catherine questioned, smiled at Sara, and closed the door.

    “I forgot my key,” she grumbled through clenched teeth.

    “I know,” Catherine held up Sara’s key that had been lying on the island in the kitchen all the time she had been there. “Go to bed,” Catherine commanded softly. “You need your sleep.”

    “What I need is to see my babies,” Sara said just as lightly, “And then I need sleep.” Catherine nodded and stumbled back to the pile of blankets she was sleeping on. She crawled back under the two top covers, adjusting the jeans she was wearing.

    Sara returned from the nursery minutes later, her eyes barely open. She tripped over her own feet on her way towards her bedroom.

    “Hey, Cath,” Sara asked, walking towards where Catherine lay near the couch, “Thanks.” Sara sat on the blankets Catherine was using as a bed.

    “Any time,” Catherine replied with a yawn. She rolled over so she was staring at the side of Sara’s leg. Sara lay down next to Catherine, pulling the blankets up over her black pants and dark blue tee shirt. She laid her head on one of the two pillows Catherine had on the floor.

    “Good night, Catherine,” Sara muttered, falling asleep.

    “’Night,” Catherine mumbled back, rolling back over facing the couch.

    “Could you two shut it,” Lindsey’s tired voice came from above them. The two older women erupted in a fit of childish giggles, Sara receiving a throw pillow to the head from Lindsey.

    “Hey,” she called softly, “No fair!”

    “Yeah, well,” Lindsey paused, thinking, “Whatever!”

    “Is that all you can do,” Catherine snickered.

    “At this hour in the morning, yes. Just remember this moment, and tomorrow, I’ll have something so witty and sarcastic, you’ll sting for days,” Lindsey called down from her position on the couch. “Now good night!”

    “Night Sara, night Linds,” Catherine mumbled.

    “Night Mom, night Sara,” Lindsey returned.

    “Night Cath, night Lindsey.” Sara rolled over and her eyes shut immediately.


    The next morning, sun was pouring in through the windows, the blinds neglected the night before. Lindsey was the first to wake up. She stretched and yawed, rubbing her eyes. She stepped over the two bodies lying on the floor in front of her and walked across the livingroom to the kitchen.

    Lindsey turned on the baby monitor that was on the counter and listened for any sound coming from the nursery. Satisfied the twins were still asleep, Lindsey checked her watch. The LED numbers blared “9:42am”. She decided to let Sara and her mom sleep.

    Lindsey opened the stainless steel fridge and took out the carton of orange juice. She set it on the counter and opened the cupboard doors until she found a glass. She laid the glass next to the juice, and poured herself a tall glass.

    She put the juice back in the fridge and shut the door, laying the juice on the island. Lindsey walked across the kitchen and towards the front door where her knapsack was.

    She undid the zipper on the top and pulled out a pair of light washed faded jeans, a pink tank top and a red tank top with lace trim on the bottom. She got a pair of black underwear and white socks, her deodorant and hairbrush and walked into the bathroom.

    Lindsey shut the door behind her and locked it. She slipped her pajama pants off and laid them on the floor, along with her underwear. She put on the black panties and jeans, fighting with the button to close.

    She took off her light blue “Streetwear” tee shirt and laid it in the pile with her pants. Before she put on her tank tops, Lindsey popped the cap off her deodorant and applied it to her underarms.

    She put the cap back on the deodorant and laid it on the counter. She slipped the red tank top on, and layered the pink one on top of it. Lindsey pulled on her socks, and reached for her hairbrush. She took her long strawberry blonde hair out of the messy bun it was in and brushed it out. Her hair, naturally straight, didn’t need to be ironed, and she was thankful.

    Lindsey grabbed her clothes from the floor, unlocked the bathroom door and took her belongings back to her backpack. She stuffed the clothes back in the bag and grabbed her eyeliner and lip-gloss from a pouch in the bag.

    She applied the eyeliner without a mirror, although she knew it wouldn’t be the best that way, and put it back in the pouch. She stuck the pink lip-gloss in her jeans pocket and stood up, walking back to the kitchen.

    Lindsey picked up her juice from the island. She brought the glass to her lips and took three long gulps from the juice, laying it back down. She checked her watch again. “10:15”.

    “Mom,” Lindsey called, “Sara, time to get up.” She stepped out of the kitchen and into the livingroom when the two women were sleeping. “Come on, get up. It’s quarter after 10.” Lindsey shook Sara’s shoulder.

    “Hmm, wha’ what?” Sara didn’t open her eyes. She sat up and licked her lips. “Wha’ time did yah say?”

    “Quarter after 10,” Lindsey squat down next to Sara. “Mom,” she pushed her mom’s shoulder, and Catherine shot up.

    “10 more minutes,” Catherine muttered sleepily.

    “No Mom,” Lindsey said, “Get up. You have to go to work.”

    “What time is it,” Catherine called, suddenly awake. She stood up quickly.

    “10:15,” Lindsey sighed, exasperated. “I told you to get up.”

    “Oh,” Catherine ran towards the door, slipping on her shoes, “I have to go. Lindsey, stay here with the twins.”

    “Fine, I’ll waste my weekend here,” she sat down on the couch.

    “Lindsey, I don’t have time for this. Do it, okay?” Catherine blew her a kiss from the door, swinging her car keys in her hand.

    “It’s fine, Linds,” Sara grumbled, “I’m talking the girls to the hospital anyway.”

    “Oh, thanks,” Lindsey smiled a small smile. “So, I’m free to go?”

    “Yeah, sure. Just call your mom, tell her where your going, okay?” Sara stood up and walked towards the bedroom to get changed.

    “You need to get some new friends, Sara,” Lindsey joked, “You sound just like her.”

    “That’s good,” Sara said, closing her bedroom door.

    Sara walked to her closet and pulled open the heavy white doors. She pulled down a black camisole and a black knit half sweater, a present from Grissom for Valentine’s Day, and a pair of dark jeans. She pulled off her blue tee shirt and threw it on the bed. She pulled the lacey tank top on and slipped her arms into the short sleeves of the knit sweater. She unbuttoned her pants and stepped out of them and into the jeans.

    Sara walked towards the large oak vanity across the room, and pulled on a bit of lip-gloss and eyeliner. She combed out her hair, took a small portion of it from just above her ear and pinned it back with a bobby pin, a curl at the end of it.

    Sara left the bedroom, noticing Lindsey already gone. She smiled softly, her lips turning up just slightly, and headed down into the nursery. Both twins were just starting to stir, Isabella sitting up in her crib. Catherine began to make small noises when Sara opened the door.

    “We’re going out today,” Sara lifted Catherine out of her crib and secured the little almost-5-month-old on her hip. She brought Cathy to her closet and Sara ran her fingers along the clothes that would soon be too small. “How about this,” Sara held up a purple-checked sundress. Cathy cooed happily.

    Sara changed Catherine quickly and fitted the dress over her head and arms. She put Catherine back in her crib, and moved on to Isabella. She took a baby blue tank dress with a satin blue ribbon from the closet, changed Bella and put the dress on her.

    Sara tied the ribbon around the baby’s waist and put a pair of white frilly socks on her feet. Over the socks went white shoes with a bow on each foot. Sara put a blue Velcro bow in Bella’s hair, and carried both girls into the kitchen. She pulled a pre-packed diaper bag from the closet, juggling the twins, the door and the bag.

    Sara got her keys from the table (with her house key, this time) and carried everything out of the house. She struggled to lock the door behind her, and finally got it closed. She skipped down over the four steps in the front of the house and to the dark vehicle. Sara unlocked the door and threw the diaper bag on the floor. She buckled the girls into their car seats, slammed the sliding door and walked around to the driver’s side.

    Once in the car, Sara slammed her own door, fastened her seatbelt and turned the keys in the ignition. She pulled the car out of the driveway, smiling and making faces at the two girls in the back. Isabella gurgled happily and smiled at Sara. Catherine played with her seatbelt, her head lying against the back of the seat and her eyelids heavy.

    Sighing heavily, Sara turned right and headed towards the Desert Palm Hospital. She arrived there about 20 minutes later with Catherine dead asleep in her car seat. Isabella smiled a happy toothless smile as Sara parked the car and went around the side of the Denali to get her. Bella cooed happily in Sara’s arms as they went around the other side of the car to her Catherine. Sara struggled again to carry both girls and the heavy diaper bag, but made it into the hospital without dropping anything.

    Sara came into Grissom’s hospital room without needing directions from any attendant. She tiptoed into the room, making sure Grissom was awake before going in. Gil was sitting up, a pillow behind his back, and was reading an entomology textbook with his glasses on the bridge of his nose. A smile broke out on his face when he looked up and saw Sara holding the twins in the doorway. She smiled back at him genuinely.

    “Hey,” he exclaimed, his voice quiet and raspy. He folded the corner of the page he was on and set the book on his lap. “How are you?”

    Sara kissed him on the nose, setting Bella in his lap. Her eyes lit up in recognition of his face, and she squealed in excitement.

    “I’m good, and the girls are fine,” she said, sitting on the edge of the bed with Catherine dozing again in her arms. “How was your sleep, baby?”

    “Long,” he said simply. Sara laughed. “Restful.”

    “That’s good.” She couldn’t wipe the smile off her face, finally having a conversation with someone other than herself and her babies.

    Sara and Gil sat in a long, peaceful, comfortable silence. It had been a long time since they had an awkward silence between them. This made Sara trust Gil even more than she had.

    “I missed you,” he rasped. His arm reached out and touched her thigh. She put her hand on his and looked into his eyes.

    “It seemed a lot longer than one day I went without you. Just imagine,” Sara said, loosing her cheery attitude, “I missed you so much.”

    “It seemed even longer for me,” Grissom said lightly, “I was the one asleep. What happened to me, anyway?”

    “You mean no one told you,” Sara asked, shocked.

    “No, nobody was in here except to give me that lame excuse for food,” he indicated to the tray on the bedside table. Sara laughed again.

    “You had an aneurysm in the shower,” Sara said, “really unexpected.”

    “Oh,” Grissom’s hand reached for the lump on the right side of his head, and his fingers moved over the stitches. “How long do I have to stay in this bed?”

    “At least a week,” Sara sighed. “A full week. And there’s 9 days until we’re getting married.”

    “Time enough,” Grissom said. “And don’t worry, if I don’t get out of here in time, we can always get married in the hospital. It’s been done.”

    Sara laughed lightly, “I suppose. But that’s the least of my worries,” she smoothed Catherine’s hair as she slept and looked into Grissom’s eyes. He looked back, and the corners of his mouth turned up into a smile. Sara smiled falsely, trying to ease both their nerves. ‘Wow, he’s so good at hiding his pain,’ Sara thought, kissing the baby’s head.
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    People have been married in a hospital?

    Since when?

    That's slightly irrelevent,



    : ) I believe that sums it up.
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    *de-lurkes long enough to say* once I got to the part when she found out she was pregnant I thought I would hate it because I'm mostly anti baby for now but I am loving it anyway! Whats up with Lindsay though?
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    I liked that chapter :p will there be more? I know im a rather greedy person
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    Sara hadn’t wanted to leave the hospital almost 5 hours later, but Gil insisted she went home and got some sleep. So, she resigned and bid him a tearful goodbye, and promised to be back the next morning.

    About 45 minutes later, she had arrived at home with both of the twins crying and needing their sleep. It was almost 6:00, and they hadn’t had their naps. Sara was on the verge of tears herself when she opened the town house door and dragged her feet inside, leaving the diaper bag in the car for the morning. It took her 15 minutes to get the girls down for a short nap before dinner.

    Sara flopped exhaustedly on the cough, kicking off her shoes and laying her head back on the arm. She felt like crying again, and she didn’t know why. She decided to find something to take her mind off Grissom. Sara fell from the couch to her knees and crawled around the playpen to the large TV. She unlocked the childproof button on the handles of the entertainment system and went through their collection of DVDS.

    Sara picked out the musical “Grease”, and stood up to put it in the DVD player. She grabbed the remote and flung herself back to the couch to watch. Just as she hit ‘play’, the telephone started to ring in the kitchen. Sara pouted and threw the remote at the couch, stood up and ran for the phone.

    “Hello,” she grabbed it on the fourth ring. It was just in time, because the person started to hang up.

    “Hi, are you Sara Sidle?” The voice was unfamiliar and female, and it sounded scratchy, like the person had smoked all their life.

    “Yes, I am. Who’s this?” Sara asked, confused.

    “My name’s Laura,” the woman said. “Do you know who I am?”

    “No, I’m afraid not, sorry,” Sara leaned against the wall, unsure. The only Laura she knew was … “Mom?”

    “Yeah,” said Laura Sidle, her mother. “It’s me, baby.”

    “How did,” Sara stammered in shock, “How did you get my number? I changed all my information when I moved, but no one ever asked me to update it after.”

    “The phonebook. They knew you were in Vegas, so I called around.” Sara could hear her mother’s smile. “How’s it going, doll?”

    “Oh my God, Mom,” Sara breathed, unable to put words to her emotions. She didn’t know if she was angry or surprised or sad or happy, it was something she’d not felt in along time. “I – I’m good. I’m a CSI now.”

    “That’s great, honey.”

    “And I’m a mother,” Sara smiled, “twin girls. Isabella Hope and Catherine Faith.”

    “That’s amazing,” Laura sounded awestruck.

    “And I’m getting married soon, in about 8 days.” Sara couldn’t contain her excitement, “To a man named Gil Grissom. He’s my boss at the crime lab, and he’s so smart! Loving, too, and really sweet. He’s an excellent father. You’d love him, I know you would.”

    “Oh,” her mother’s voice was sad. She wouldn’t be at the wedding. She would be in jail for the rest of her life.

    “I’m so happy, Mom. It’s amazing. I can’t even describe to you how much I love this man, or my girls, or my life!”

    “That’s great to hear, Sara.” There was a long pause where the two women just breathed to each other, taking in the other’s presence.

    “I still love you, Mom. I don’t blame you for anything that happened in our home when I was younger. I don’t regret it, either. I know you did what you did because you knew it was the best thing. And I thank you for that, Mom.” Sara was ready to say the things she’d wanted to say for years. “You were the best mother I could have asked for. I miss you every day, and I hope some day I’ll see you, and I’ll smile and thank you for everything.”

    “Sara,” Laura’s voice was serious. “I need you to tell me something, and I need you to be honest.”

    Sara was confused. She nodded her head to herself, “Okay.”

    “Did your father ever … touch you?”

    Sara didn’t know how to respond. Her mouth hung open, dry. The word “flabbergasted” was invented for times like these. “Y-yes.”

    Sara heard Laura sigh over the phone. Then she heard a loud man in the background yell at her to get off. “I’m going,” Laura yelled back. “Then I did what was right. I have to go honey. I love you.”

    “I-I love you too,” Sara stammered. “Bye.”

    Sara held the phone in her hand and listened to the deafening silence followed by a deep electronic tone. She glanced back towards the TV screen and hung up, standing by the phone for a long time. The only sound in the room was the introduction music to “Grease” and Sara’s own breathing.

    “Wow,” she breathed to herself. “Wow wow.”

    Sara padded back to her spot on the couch and flopped down, exhausted from her conversation with her mother. Her mother. Mother, mother, mother. Mom. Mommy.

    “My mother,” Sara let the words slip off her tongue. The way it felt in her mouth was like eating sandpaper - Rough and difficult to swallow. “I was talking to my mother.”

    Sara couldn’t help but cry. As hard as she tried to fight off the tears, to keep them in her eyes, they poured over her face and into her shirt collar. It had been so long since she’d talked to her mother, so long since she’d even thought about her. To hear her voice was so hard for Sara. There had been so much resentment and pain involved with talking about her mother, she just completely ignored her as existing.

    She cried for a good ten minutes, hard racking sobs that made her whole body shake. She felt like screaming, but instead put a pillow to her face and made high pitched crying noises. She cried until her whole body felt like it was a wrung out face cloth, dry of any and all water. Her eyes were red and puffy, pink stains were running down her face, and she felt like dying.

    Sara stood up and ran her hands through the hair on the top of her head. She grabbed her baby monitor and walked to her bedroom, ready to collapse. Her eyes were almost closed as she folded down the covers of the rich blue bedspread and climbed in with all her clothes on. Sara’s eyes closed as soon as her head hit the feathery pillow, and she didn’t wake for a good 7 hours.


    At around 7:10 the next morning, Sara’s hand hit the bedside table. She rolled over, coming into a sleepy consciousness, not realizing the pain in her hand until she was fully awake. Sara moaned, and pushed herself out of bed. She walked into the kitchen rubbing her eyes. She heard small bangs coming from behind the island.

    Sara tiptoed her way into the open part of the kitchen, and saw a gray-haired woman in a flattering dusty-rose colored dress puttering around. Sara cocked her head to the side and walked around the island to get a better look at the woman.

    “Excuse me,” Sara called, raising an eyebrow. The woman didn’t look up, “Excuse me! What are you doing in my house?”

    The woman turned in Sara’s direction. She looked surprised when she caught a glimpse of the bedraggled younger woman. She made movements with her hands that made Sara reel backwards. It took her a few minutes to clue in on the woman’s being in her house.

    “Oh,” Sara smiled to herself, “Your Mrs. Grissom!” Grissom’s mother, Rita Grissom, looked confused. Sara finally realized the motions the woman had been making were sign language. She looked around for a pad of paper and a pen, and found it sitting conveniently on the countertop.

    ‘I’m Sara,’ she wrote, ‘Gil’s fiancé. I was shocked to see you in the house this morning, because I didn’t know you were coming.’

    The older woman smiled at her, and gently took the pen from Sara’s hand.

    ‘Nice to meet you, Sara, my name’s Rita. I’m sorry I shocked you this morning, but I didn’t think you’d be here. I hope we can get off on a better foot.’

    ‘No problem,’ Sara wrote back, ‘I like you already. If there’s anything you need help with, don’t be afraid to ask.’

    ‘Well, actually, I think there’s something you could use. I would be thrilled to baby-sit for the day, if you’d like to go to the hospital with Gilbert. I’m sure he’d love some alone time with you.’

    ‘I’d love that. And maybe I can get him to teach me a bit of sign language while I’m there. If not, we can always use him as a translator.’

    Rita laughed out loud. She nodded and picked up the pen one more time:

    ‘Well, you get on your way. Stay out as long as you like. I’m sure the girls and I will have a wonderful day together. As long as I don’t need to call you for anything.’

    Sara laughed this time. She smiled broadly at Mrs. Grissom and skipped off to her bedroom to get changed. She pulled on her favorite jeans, a light blue blouse and denim jacket. She brushed out her hair, not bothering to curl it today, and realized she was still wearing the makeup from yesterday. She decided it was fine, put on
    ‘Blistex’ and headed back into the kitchen.

    Sara grabbed a pen once more, wrote a quick ‘Thanks for everything’ on the pad of paper, and grabbed her keys. She opened the door, walked out, slammed it behind her and ran down over the two steps to the ground. She walked quickly towards her Denali, unlocked the doors and jumped in. Sara closed her door, put on her seatbelt and stuck the keys in the ignition, turning them. She backed out of the driveway and into the street, heading for the hospital.

    Within 20 minutes, Sara was back in the hospital. Again, she made her way quickly up the stairs, down the hall, into the elevator and up to the fourth floor. The door chimed and opened smoothly. Sara stepped out onto the white floors, her sandals tapping lightly as she stepped. She yawned, covered her mouth with her hand, and walked past the 6 doors until she arrived at Grissom’s.

    Sara tapped on the door lightly with her knuckles, twisted the doorknob and stepped in. She shut the door softly behind her.

    “Hey baby,” Sara whispered. “You awake?”

    She sat on the edge of the bed and reached for his hair. Her fingers felt their own way through his thick gray locks, twisting and gathering them.

    “Hi,” his eyes opened, and squinted at the light.

    “You’re getting out in a few days,” Sara murmured.

    “I know,” he whispered back hoarsely.


    7 days later…

    The sharp beeping of her alarm clock roused Sara. She reached for it, smacking her hand down on the button to shut it off. She rolled over and laid her cold hand on Grissom’s warm black tee-shirted chest, bunching the fabric up in her fist. He groaned as the soft light that shone through the curtains reached his eyes.

    “Morning, honey,” he whispered. “Guess what?”

    “Morning.” Sara laid her head on his chest and pulled the covers up over the shoulders. “What?”

    “Tomorrow is our wedding day.” He stroked her hair gently, and she heaved a soft sigh, her breath tickling his chest.

    “I know.” Sara let Grissom’s fingers pick through her hair, soothing her.

    “Mom’s awake,” Grissom smiled, listening to the loud bangs coming from the kitchen. Sara laughed. “It’s not her fault, she can’t hear the noise she makes.”

    “I know,” Sara smiled, “It’s alright.” She glanced at the clock. “The twins will be awake soon anyway.”

    “Will we get up?” Grissom made a move to get out of the bed. Sara’s hands grasped his shoulders.

    “Give it ten more minutes?”

    A spark lit in Gil’s blue eyes and he smiled, “Sure.”

    A good 25 minutes later, Grissom rolled over, swung his feet out over the side of the bed and stood up. The carpeted floor warmed his bare feet as he walked softly towards the bedroom door. He touched the cool metal of the doorknob and twisted it open, leaving Sara asleep and grasping a pillow. He walked deliberately in front of his mother and touched her shoulder gently.

    ‘Good Morning,’ he signed. She smiled, her plump cheeks turning pink.

    ‘Good Morning.’ She turned and indicated to the island that was set for breakfast and loaded with food. ‘Breakfast for you and Sara.’

    ‘Thank you,’ he signed back. ‘Will I go wake her up?’

    ‘No, let her sleep for a small bit longer.’ Rita turned back to the counter, rinsed off her hands in the sink, and dried them in a dishtowel.

    ‘Okay,’ Gil signed. ‘Are the babies awake?’

    ‘Not yet,’ Rita wiped off the counter with a damp cloth.

    Grissom nodded. He walked back into the bedroom and gently nudged Sara awake.

    “Come on, honey,” he spoke softly, “Mom made us breakfast.”

    Sara groaned and turned over, smothering her face in a pillow. Her arm raised and her hand slapped at Grissom’s face. He pushed her hand back down and poked her in the side. She sat up abruptly and swung her legs off the bed. Grissom took her arm and helped her up. Her eyes still half closed, she dragged her feet towards the kitchen and sat in a chair at the island.

    Sara reached for a slice of toast and Rita poured her a glass of orange juice. Grissom grabbed a slice of toast, buttered, and walked around the table. He kissed Sara on the nose and headed out the door to work. Sara took a bite from her toast and put it back on her plate. She swallowed and washed it down with a long drink of orange juice.

    Rita puttered off towards the nursery to get the twins. Sara sat at the kitchen table, her eyelids fluttering and almost closing. She felt like the day before her wedding was never going to end.
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    This story is what you call love.

    Alyssa, may I marry it?

    On second thought, no.

    No, I don't want to marry a story.

    Meh, I'll marry you :)
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    its brilliant! so *squee* exactly how i imagine them to be all love-eed up
    please update soon your doing a great job
    im gonna have to fight sXs to marry you hehe :lol:
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    Great, Great, Great x225987.

    Amazing. I love this story..

    You amaze mee!
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    Update soon! But I'll have to be mean if you have bad things happen on the wedding day lol
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    YAY that is an EXCELENT chaper to the 10 power for sure!
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    Her features softened as the fimilliar tune started out on the pipe organ. A small breeze ruffled her hair slightly, and she clutched the bouquet of flowers a little too tight. Her stomach did casual flip-flops as she straightened her shoulders. She looked down the long sheet of red silk and the white chairs that were lined up on both sides of her. She glanced up, his eyes meeting with hers. A tear rolled down her cheek, and she resisted the temptation to wipe it away. 4 men and 3 women stared at her from their position under a large oak tree, all beaming. The man next to her in his spiffy black tux held out his arm for her. She linked one hand around it and started the slow walk down the isle.

    Sara wasn’t even aware of the steps she was taking. The only thing she saw were a pair of bright blue eyes set in a handsome face watching her, anxious but patient. The music lulled her into a blissful air of nothing and her stomach continued its acrobatics inside her. Another tear chased the first down her face, her pink glossy lips smiling despite her nauseated feeling. The train of her dress dragged behind her gracefully as she made her final steps to the end of the chairs. Brass turned to face her and kissed her once on each cheek.

    Sara stepped the last paces to the alter. Her stomach did a final leap off the platform and into an icy cool bath of acid as she looked up from behind her eyelids, into his eyes. She turned about to face him, squeezing her bouquet of yellow roses again.

    “Ladies and gentlefolk,” the priest greeted them, opening his holy book. “We gather here today to celebrate the beauty of two people loving each other. The two before me come from different walks of life, with different views and values, but they have overcome their differences and are joining as one. It is a most wonderful thing to be able to preside over this marriage, and I hope to bless you both. What ever comes your way, I wish you able to overcome it.”

    Grissom pulled a folded piece of paper out of his pocket. He opened it slowly as Sara’s lip quivered.

    “Sara,” he started and cleared his throat. “When I first saw you, something about you stunned me. I couldn’t believe such a young girl could be so beautiful. You amaze me every day with that same beauty. When I look into your eyes, something inside me flips over and I get weak in the knees. I never know what to say around you, because you’re just so perfect.” Grissom’s eyes flicked to Sara’s and back again to the paper. “We’ve had our days, believe me, I know. And there have been times I’ve been stupid. I let you slip away from me many a time, and each time I’m afraid I wont get you back. But for some strange reason, maybe it’s fate or maybe it’s God, you always come back.

    “Today, Sara, I vow to devote myself to you. I never want to hurt you ever again, because I know I have before. I want to love you every day for the rest of my life. I want to hold your hand when you’re mad and kiss your tears away when you cry. I never, ever want to see you wanting or needing something ever again. I need to spend every waking minute of the day with you, because the times I don’t I’m heartbroken. I need you Sara, I want you, and I love you.”

    Sara sobbed happily, and stood with her watery eyes linked to Gil’s. She turned to Catherine who pulled a slip of paper from her dress. Sara took it in shaky hands and folded it open, still crying.

    “Gil,” She sniffed, “It’s unbelievable how a person can hate and love someone all at the same time. I never knew how much you meant to me until I lost you. My heart is in need of some mending, and so far you’re doing an excellent job. My knees still get weak and shake when I see you. When you walk down the hall, I get butterflies in my stomach. You make me feel in no way I’ve ever felt before. Never have I felt loved and cherished like I do when I’m with you. I treasure the times we spend together, and every moment feels like the first. You reach deep into my heart and soul and you hold on tight. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve you because of all the things I’ve done in the past. But the things you do that touch me, the things you do for me, and the things you say to me make me believe that I deserve everything you gave me, give me and continue to give me. I love you like,” Sara choked on a sob, “Like whoa.”

    The people sitting around them clapped. The priest wiped at his eyes with his knuckles and cleared his throat.

    “Gilbert D. Grissom, please look into your love’s eyes.” Grissom took Sara’s hands in his and gazed at her deeply.

    “Do you, Gilbert Grissom, take thee, Sara Anne Sidle,” the priest said, “to be your lawfully wedded wife? In rich and in poor, in sickness and in health, through the good times and the bad, to have and to hold until death do us part?”

    “I do.”

    Grissom, with tears in his eyes, and took the ring from the priest’s hand.

    “Place the ring on her left hand.” Grissom did.

    “Sara Anne Sidle,” the priest handed Sara the ring, “please place this ring on his left hand.” Sara did.

    “Do you, Sara Anne Sidle, take thee, Gilbert Grissom,” the priest said, “to be your lawfully wedded husband? In rich and in poor, in sickness and in health, through the good times and the bad, to have and to hold until death do us part?”

    “I do.” Sara’s emotions were ready to burst at the seams.

    “You may kiss the bride.”

    Sara was swept into Grissom’s arms and he planted a passionate kiss on her lips. He carried her through the garden as everyone threw confetti and clapped. Grissom set Sara on her white high-heeled feet and took her hand. They ran through the garden and to the road where a small black car with a “Just Married” sign on the back was waiting. Both climbed in and Sara turned to wave as everyone stood behind them, waving. Grissom drove off down Las Vegas Boulevard as the sun set. They were off to Bermuda for their honeymoon.
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    *squees happily* they're so cute :) Please post more soon! *hopes bad things don't happen on honeymoon*

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