Alexx Woods Appreciation Thread

Well glad it came back the Alexx thread... here's my contribution she is one classy ME.

Here her and Speed from Camp Fear


and this got me to
*looks and holds back tears*'re on a mission to turn me into a puddle. *bites lips from quivering* Well anyway*sniffs*..

Alexx! I love her. I never noticed that she used her real name till Dad pointed that out. I went, "Her real name is Khandi Alexender..Oh..yeah..Alexx..heh." My Dad!! Finds that out before me!! That can not do! I say her sunnies in After the Fall. Black shades, thick frames. Chanel. Has to be. Sometimes, I feel like Alexx dosen't have 2 kids..instead..she has the entire lab. Hmm..I find her laughter the most soothing. It's very motherly like.
I love alexx. I love it when she makes those little noise. Like in body count when she goes. "and i thought she blew me off." that noise she made after that line. I loved that.
Yeah I know like in witness to murder

ALexx: Oh lord please don't tell me we gave that gir's body to a complete stranger.
Tim: Alexx we gave-
Alexx: Timmy I know.

andin wannabe

"that's not my finding baby."

so cute I miss that. In my opinion Alexx hasn't really changed since timmy's "Death"
I like Alexx cause she's caring, and respectful towards people. She has attitude though, so you shouldn't mess with her. She's just cool :cool:
Volunteers Needed!

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Come over and have a look and volunteer for something if you feel so inclined.
Re: Volunteers Needed!

Actually it took me every bone in my body not to pull a fat Albert and jump through the t.v. and strangle her. I'm sory but she was mean to ryan and first and then bam! were supposed to expect that there buddy buddy know? i dunno. and the thing with "look at my boy all grown up." i thought that was a bad call on alexx's part because speed was always refered to her boy.
Well I half agree. That's all i'm going to say because if i say anything else, i'm going to explode :)