Alexx Woods Appreciation Thread

Goodnight! When I first started watching the show (once I got the dvd's) I saw that she talked to dead people and I thought that was kinda weird. But then It grew on me. But in season 3 she didn't it as much. Well in my opinion anyways.
I like Alexx she's so sensitive and caring one of my favourite scenes with her in is in the first season I think it was in Broken when they has just solved the little girl's murder and it showed her with her children and she started crying I can't imagine doing her job it must be so difficult. I also like the way she speaks to the dead as if they were still alive and how she called speed Timmy
I think that she was trying to get over Speed's death. She probably hasn't been the same since he died. And something like that can take a toll on you. He was special to her. The autopsy scene says it all.
Alexx has the tendancy to show great respect to the bodies by talking to them as if they were alive. She doesnt just rip the person open, examine them, and do a lame job of sewing them up. I really admire her for that.
alexx gets much props here... I think she was exceptionally good in the episode Slow burn and Nothing to Lose. She get more screen time.... I hope they let her onto the screen more in season 4
Yeah, she was really good in those eppy's! I would love to see her with her husband and kids more!


"Can I take him off your hands?"

I love the chainsaw Alexx!
yesss she cracked me up on wet foot dry foot when she smacks the shark and says something to the matter of " this baby's mine...." I haven't seen the eppy in so long, so forgive me if it's horribly wrong.
oh and then there's Not Landing where she almost bites the dust because of the cell phone bomb. When she came in the intergation room with her kid's pics I was like , smack em alexx smack em !!!!
Yeah I love how her Timmy was all like nobody messes with my medical examiner. Besides the eric/speed friendship i miss the alexx/timmy friendship!
Yes it was! When i first saw Not Landing and i saw Alexx like get tossed from the bomb! And Speed was like "Alexx!" i was like awwwww how cute!