Adam/Eric #9 - 'The Perfect Diversion'

I never post here; but could't contain myself. Great job Adam!!!! Who knew? It was written and directed to perfection. :beer:
Nice job. The characters were well written and true to themselves and the directing was well done I LOVED Horatio, Frank, Natalia (Go, Nat!) and Ryan - every one of them. Adam proved he knows these characters ... much better than the writers of this show have for the past several seasons. Maybe they should make him head writer - or at the very least a consultant.

He took good advantage of the fact that he has a good looking group of people to work with. I don't remember the last time Horatio looked so good and Frank ... what can I say. I'm always begging and pleading for more Frank and Adam delivered.

The only scene that jumped out at me as being over directed was the 'busy' work scene. It just felt a little like he was trying too hard to make the point it was a busy office. But that's a very minor notice.

Yep. Very nice job. :)
Adam did an amazing job. The case was solid, the characters were in-character, and I loved that we got the gator in the water lol. Very Miami in the early years.

There were some great lines and I loved that Frank had lots of scenes. It must have been great for all of them who were going to be at Rex's place watching the episode together; that's pretty cool.

Adam should definitely write and direct more often.
And he's so easy on the eyes:p what a fox, He's multi-talented for sure:thumbsup:

True that :drool:!
It's the first episode I watch since the second one this season and I'm so glad I did :)!

He is indeed very talented. He did a fantastic job, both in writing the story and directing the episode.

Good job Adam :thumbsup::thumbsup:!
Lol, I've never posted here, but I must say Adam did a great job on the episode :)

It inspired me to make a screen cap lol ;) Enjoy :)

I think Adam Rodriguez is a good actor. I didn't know who he was until I started watching CSI-Miami. I did see him play the role of "Bobby" one time on Ugly Betty. Ugly Betty was not my time of show, yea, yea, "I am old man". Being that I'm male and I don't feel for him the way the women do, I'll will say this, in episode one of CSI-Miami, Speed made a comment to him during the show that Eric would make a good comedian. I agree with Speed on that. Adam can be funny when he wants to be. Adam is getting older now, and I look for him to get serious and concentrate on "Crime Drama Shows", acting and producing. I read somewhere that he said that. He is creative and he had a good father in Yonkers, NY, not to far from where my mother is from, and he has a good head on his shoulders. We has humans make mistakes and I can point out a mistake that Adam made, but I will not go into that, during Season 9, he has gotten serious and done an excellent job acting and producing one of CSI-Miami Episode. The one he produced I really enjoyed and I hope he does more good work like he produced in that particular episode of Season 9. I wish him the best of luck throughout his career. He is a good, caring man to all people of all ages and races.