Adam/AJ #2: The X-Factor - Must. Fight. Crime!

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I agree with you guys too. I think the lab suits Adam best, because when he's in the lab he's surrounded by his computers and gadgets and gets to be the little tech geek, which he does so well. :adore:
Yeah, add me to the list of people who would prefer to see Adam stay in the lab. That being said, if they made him a CSI, I'm sure it would still be fun. I just think him being a bit out of his element and extra-adorkable when he's in the field suits him. :p

The fist bump last week was classic. The slo-mo was corny, but I loved it nonetheless. ;)
I might be hearing things, but in last weeks episode did anyone else here him say something about being between girlfriends?

Haha, yes he did, I think that he said that he didn't mind helping out in the field while Hawkes was gone as he had a more spare time on his hands as he was between girlfriends... :lol: He's such a wee cutie... Then Mac gave him a typical Mac look, and he was like "Sorry... Too much information?" :lol:
It was cute to see Adam react as he did towards Lindsay going into labor, but it was more cute to see him being Danny's go-to guy. That was such a cute scene. :D
Aww, I haven't had a chance to see the ep yet, but I seen his reaction to Lindsay going into labour in the promo, looks like we had some more priceless Adam scenes. :adore: Aww, he's such a cutie, can't wait to see him in this ep. :adore:
Well, I just got around to watching the ep *yeah, eventually, it took me long enough... But I'm in the middle of exams, I can be forgiven. :p* I thought overall the ep was great... Adam was so cute when Lindsay told him she was in labour, he looked like a little lost boy. *Snuggles him.* So cute... Lindsay was really mean to him, even if she was in labour, it was pretty harsh to say she wasn't ready to deal with him, but I'll let it pass. It was so cute later, when he asked Hawkes how far along she was, his face was priceless when he mentioned the bet... :adore: Overall he was adorable in this ep. We even got to see some more of him the field. Made me happy... :lol:
Just dropping by to bump this up from the second page... I feel that Adam needs to some love. :adore: So I've come by with some caps for y'all to enjoy, they're from 5.23, 5.24 and 5.25, I was to lazy to make seperate albums for each ep, so they're all in one... :lol: Thanks to Nattybatty55 for the caps as always. :adore: You're a doll.

Clicky, clicky, here for them. :D
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I'm about to watch 5x06 for the second time because... I don't want Adam to leave, how can they make the character go, just like that! he's an important member of the CSI: NY team and with out him... well, CSI:NY will probably loose ratings, less fan mail etc etc... they can't get rid of a character like that, they have to find a way to keep Adam, he is an amazing character and... grrr, we should keep him!!!
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