Adam #8: At The Tone, The Delko Time Is: 5 Minutes Past Hot

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OOhh, thank you so much for that pic, I love scruffy Adam, especially with his hair like that! :drool: Makes me miss his full head of hair even more!!!
Thank you so much for this picture, what a great start of my day.:)
I don't know where you find all of those pictures, but I have just one request don't stop.:thumbsup:
Ask and you shall receive...

Here is Adam acting a bit silly...

Thanks for those pictures, all of them are great. :thumbsup:
And you know, even if he's taken, it's always good just to look.;)
Just in case you didn't know (and surprisingly I didn't):

Adam is the spokesperson for the Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards. He will be in PSA's airing this month on NBC, Telemundo, and MTV among others.

Way to go Adam! :thumbsup:
Hey guys! I haven't seen this posted around here so thought I might share. Found it roaming around through You Tube. It's a small clip where Adam says hello to his UK fans. Enjoy! :)

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