"A Space Oddity" Discussion *SPOILERS*

I found this at the Chicago Tribune. It some thoughts on the show by the people that brought it to us along with a little trivia on the episode. For instance, the 'rug' that Hodges was wearing is the same 'rug' that Tom Hanks used in "Philadelphia". :wtf:

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And an interview with Naren Shankar
For instance, the 'rug' that Hodges was wearing is the same 'rug' that Tom Hanks used in "Philadelphia". :wtf:

:guffaw:That cracks me up for some reason. :lol: It made Hodges look like Steve from Married With Children. :lol: It didn't look that way on Tom. haha.
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I just have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I watched the original Star Trek growing up, and was also a huge TNG fan. I loved the light-heartedness, how campy the epsiode was... and I laughed out loud at many of the Star Trek "in" jokes...and at Hodges' fantasies. Absolutely hilarious!!

Hats of to Wally and Liz for being able to move from the fantasy to reality with such ease. I like the fact that someone like Wendy sees through Hodges' awkward and prickly manner. It makes me have some hope for my sons, who have Autism and Aspergers respectively, that they too will find someone who looks beneath the surface.

I also loved Super Dave and Doc's scene...great fun!! And Brass...*smirk* "Red Alert" :lol:

Other than the Nick centric eppy, this is the first one since before Grissom's departure, that I have actually wanted to watch..and have enjoyed. :)
:vulcan: I am not a Hodges fan .So maybe too much H for me who is not a H fan but i enjoyed watching as a sci-fi lover, a Star Trek (the original one of course! ) and Battlestar Galactica fan :)

Wendy, she was fantastic. It was nice to see her in different clothes and without pony tail. I always enjoy watching her character. Hodges was good too but i never understand what exactly his problem is. And i guess at least it prooves WL's acting is good , right?

Henry's ear ...Nick's expressions in the begining... :guffaw:

Dave and Doc's scene with Langston was great. Also loved to see Eric and Kate Vernon together . Now i am saying it again, Eric should/could/would/whateverould be in BG too :D Btw, Greg was with Archie ... Don't get me started again!.. :angryrazz:

So say we all!
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I don't mind Greg being in a scene with Archie. I actually like the two of them being friends. What bothers me is when all Greg does is an AV scene. :lol: I want to see him doing some CSI work too.