A NY Smex Story: Loosing Faith on Love

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    Loved it can't wait untill the PM version!!
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    Lindsay and Danny, had just got back from their first appointment with the Pediatrician.

    "God Linds"!! "I can't believe how much he has grown". "9lbs now", can you believe that".

    "I know, it's amazing", said Lindsay as she put him down for his nap.

    "Let's go Linds", "I need you now".

    Danny kissed Lindsay passionetly as she sighed into his mouth. Picking her up in his arms, he carried her to bed.

    "Love me Danny", said Lindsay with passion glazed in her eyes.

    As Danny undressed her with soft kisses and fingertip caresses, she purred and moaned.

    "More Danny, I need more, of your heat". "Touch me , touch me Danny", cried Lindsay.

    "Shhh! "It's okay Linds", "I'm here with you, hang on baby, I'm here".

    A short time later, the lovers slept the rest of the day away.


    Flack and Hawkes were just finishing lunch when Mac called.

    "Hey Flack"!! "What's the problem"? asked Mac.

    "Oh hey"!! "No problem really", "Just needed to know, if you had talked to the F.B.I. yet"? "They said they were coming to see you".

    "No one has showed up yet". "I doubt they will". "It was more and likely a scare tactic, to get Danny too talk".

    "Okay, then". "Before I forget, the Judge was picked up by his daughter today".

    "Daughter"? "What daughter"? "He didn't have a daughter".

    "Sure he did Mac, from his first marriage, she's 30 now".

    "Christ sakes Flack"!!! "get the hell over there now", "He's going to go after her". "Find her quickly".

    "We're on it Mac".

    As Mac hung up, he realized he may have screwed up his case, by ignoring Flacks call.


    Flack and Hawkes, raced over to the NYPD, where they found the Judges daughter waiting. The first thought in Flacks mind was , she was drop dead gorgeous.

    "Excuse me, Miss Davis"? asked Flack.

    "Yes"!! "You may call me Caroline", Is my father ready"?

    "Not yet, could you come with me please". "I'd like to talk you about the case".

    As Flack led her to Mac's office, he kept trying to concintrate on the case and not her body.

    "Have a seat Caroline", said Flack.

    "You need to know that your father was blown up, beyond recognition". "But we knew it was him by his prints". "Were you aware, that your nephew was out to kill your father"?

    "Yes"!! "My father told me about it, weeks ago". "he also informed me, that he knew he was going to die".

    "What do you mean by that"? asked Flack.

    "What I mean is, he knew Officers would not be able to protect him". "Did you know that Edward is a master genius at Physics"?

    "No"! "I wasn't aware of that".

    "Which is why you won't be able to protect me either". "Though I thank you for the thought".

    Flack's feelings must have been ruling his mind, for out of no where he said......

    "You will be protected Caroline", "You'll be coming home with me".

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    Hmm I wonder where that will lead.
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    Danny called Flack, to check if there had been any changes.

    "Flack"! said Flack.

    "Hey "! "It's Danny". "Any changes in the case"?

    "Yeah"!! "It turns out the Judge has a daughter , she's here with me now". "It seems Edward may be after her next".

    "So where are you going to keep her"?

    "With me"! "She'll be staying with me".

    "Did you clear it with Mac"? "Christ Flack, you don't even know her".

    "I was just about to call him". "I'll talk to you later Danny".

    Once Flack hung up the phone with Danny, he called Mac.

    "Hey Mac"! "It's Flack". "I just wanted to let you know that the daughter is safe", "She is with me". "I also need to let you know that Edward is a Physic's expert".

    " I wasn't aware of that", "Where are you going to be keeping her"?

    "I'm keeping her with me", "She'll be staying at my place".

    "Flack, are you sure that is wise"? "You don't know anything about her"?

    "Sure I do, we've already run a background check, everything checks out".

    "Listen Flack, I don't feel comfortable with this idea".

    "Don't worry Mac, we'll be fine", said Flack.

    "Fine"! "But I want you to check in every 4 hours, If you don't I'll have NYPD come looking for you". "Understood".

    "Yes Mac"! "Every four hours", bye".
    *******end Call

    "Okay Caroline", are you ready to go"?

    Caroline was scared, and as she reached Flack to touch his hand, they felt the spark of love hit full force. She shivered and he jumped.

    "Sorry Flack"!! "I didn't mean to make you jump, I just wanted your attention for a moment".

    Flack stared in shock for the briefest of seconds, "Sure , what is it"?

    "I don't want to put you in danger Flack". "I don't even know you", "Why would you do this"?

    "Besides the fact that you're beautiful", Flack said to himself. "Because it's my job". "Now let's go, it's getting late".

    Once he got her safely to the car, he breathed a sigh of relief.


    Edward was hard at work making his next device.

    "This is for that Messer guy, and this one is for Mac and his family, and my big project goes to my sister and that cop".


    Mac and Stella were chasing down the twins who had just mastered crawling, when the doorbell rang.

    "Who is it"? called Stella, chasing Michael across the floor.

    "Delivery for Mac Taylor", said the voice.

    Stella opened the door and took the package placing it on the table. Running to grab Michael again, she forgot to tell Mac about it.

    "Are you ready to eat love"? yelled Mac, grabbing Mackenzie as she crawled down the hall.

    "Yeah"! "Coming hun". "Let's go you little devil, dinner time" , she said to Michael.


    Lindsay and Danny were enjoying their dinner when the door bell rang.

    "I'll get it Danny", you eat", said Lindsay.

    "As she opened the door, she accepted the package from the guy, and placed it on the table till after dinner.

    "Who was it Linds"?

    "Just a delivery guy with a package". "I left it on the table".

    "Who's it for love"?

    "I don't know, I didn't look", want me to go check"?

    "Sure love go ahead", and if it's for me, you can open it".

    "Oh geez, thanks Danny", said Lindsay, as she went to get the package.

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    ack more soon! You're officially evil again lol At least you never kill any main chars, that's good. I can't talk anyway, as someone who's been researching for months trying to find out how best to blow Mac up without killing him but while damaging his eyes. (don't worry he won't be totally blind)
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    Lots of suspense today.... :p I have to work, this is the only post till tonight around 8or9pm.


    Flack had gotten Caroline safely to his apartment.

    "Come on in", watch your step", said Flack.

    "When Caroline walked in, she could tell straight off that Flack was a very neat person. His apartment was kept perfectly clean, with no sign of dust or dirt.

    "Are you okay Caroline"? "Do you need something"? "Are you hungry"?

    I'm fine Flack, and no I don't need anything, though I am a little hungry.

    "Do you like Italian"? "I make a mean Lasagna".

    "Sounds great", "Would you like some help"?

    "Nope"!! "Just make yourself comfortable".

    While Flack started dinner, Caroline turned on the TV and watched the news.

    "Umm!! Flack"? "I just realized I have no clothes here"?

    Flack thought to himself, "That's good, I love my women naked". "Stop that". Flack said to himself.

    "I'll lend you one of my t-shirts".

    "Oh! "Thanks", said Caroline.

    "No"! "Thank you", said Flack in his head.


    Lindsay was getting ready to open the package when the phone rang.

    "Hello", said Lindsay.

    "Hey Linds"! How's it going"? asked Stella.

    "Good"! "how about you"?

    "The same". "Listen Linds, I wanted to know if you and DJ want to go out tomorrow shopping"?

    "That sounds great", "There is a few things I need". "About what time"?

    "How about 10am", "I'll pick you up"?

    "Okay, see ya at 10, said Lindsay.

    "Hey hold on a minute", called Stella through the phone.

    "Yeah"! "what is it Stella"?

    "Did you hear Flack took the Judge's daughter home to protect her"?

    "Yeah"! "Danny told me about that". "He say's that she is very beautiful".

    "That's what Mac said Too". "Hawkes called him earlier". "he said it looked like Flack had gone gaga over her". "can you imagine if they hit it off". "That would be so funny".

    "You got that right", "I'll talk to you in the morning", "I need to open a package for Danny".

    "You got a package Linds"? "So did Mac". "Funny isn't it"? "Okay, I'll see you in the morning". "Bye".

    "When Lindsay hung up the phone, she started opening the package again. Just as she was ready to remove the tape.....

    "Linds"! "Come here please", called Danny.

    "Okay, coming". "What is it Danny"?

    "Nothing, I just wanted your attention".

    "You're bad, said Lindsay as she sat on Danny's lap facing him. "Now what"?

    "Now I kiss my beautiful wife", said Danny as he embraced Lindsay's face between his hands.

    As Lindsay fell into the kiss, the unopened package was forgotten.


    Stella and Mac had just finished bathing the twins, when Mac asked Stella.....

    "Sweetheart, where is the package"?

    "It's on the table in the hall".

    "Got it"! "Sweetheart, there is no sender on it"?

    "I know, the postal guy, just handed it to me and left".

    "He just left"? "Didn't you have to sign for it"?

    "Ahh!! "No why"?

    Mac became very suspicious as he looked at the package more closely.

    "I wouldn't be concerned Mac, Danny got one too".

    Mac picked up the phone to call Danny.


    Flack had just finished dinner with Caroline.

    "That was wonderful Flack", "you are an exceptional chief".

    "Well I don't know about Chief, but I have been known to be exceptional".

    Caroline laughed, "You're funny too", I like that".

    "Well thank-you", "why don't you have a seat in the Living room, and I'll bring in some coffee and we'll talk more about the case".

    After 2 hours of conversation, Mac knew more about Judge Davis, then he cared too.

    "It's getting late Caroline, I'll get you one of my shirts, and there are clean towels in the bathroom, if you'd like a shower". "Also you can take my bed, I'll take the couch".

    "Oh Flack"!! "I don't like putting you out like this".

    "You're not putting me out Caroline", "Now get some sleep, I'll see you in the morning".


    After several hours of making love to Lindsay, Danny got up to turn off the Living room light, and that's when he seen the package on the table.

    "Hmm!!! forgot all about you".

    Just as Danny pulled off the first flap, the phone rang.

    "Hello"! said Danny.

    "Danny"! "It's Mac, have you opened your package yet"?

    "No"!! "I'm doing it as we speak".

    "STOP"!!!! yelled Mac through the phone. "STOP DANNY"!!! Don't open the damn thing".......
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    Can i just say that i love reading this!
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    At least Mac found out. Will eagerly await your next post.
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    "Jesus Mac"! "You don't have to yell, Christ I'm deaf". "Why the hell not"?

    "Because, I think it may be rigged to blow upon opening".

    "Your kidding right Mac"?

    "No Danny", 'I'm serious, didn't you say the Judge recieved a box".

    "Yes", "It was waiting for him in his office". "Christ Mac, you just may have saved us all".

    "Listen Danny, meet me over at NYPD, we need to get these boxes over to the Bomb Squad".


    Flack was sound asleep, when he heard the sound of crying, getting up he walked into his room.

    "Caroline"! called Flack , "Are you okay"? "Caroline"?

    As she awoke she threw her arms around Flacks neck. "Oh, it was aweful", "Such a nightmare".

    "What nightmare"? said Flack as he tried to contain his urges, with the warm woman in his arms.

    "I've had since forever, it's always the same". "I'm all alone and no one can find me, it's Trauma from when I was younger, and my parents forgot about me, I was left behind". "You see I like to wander alot, and sometimes I forget to stay where I'm supposed too", needless to say, I got lost".

    "Well you're safe now Caroline", I got you", said Flack as he leaned away from her, they looked into each others eyes, and again the energy sparked. Leaning closer towards each other they were just about to kiss, when the damn phone rang.

    "Christ, you got to be kidding me"!! "Hello"! said Flack with frustration.

    "Yeah! It's Danny, "Listen did you recieve any packages tomight"?

    "No"! "None why"?

    "Mac and I recieved packages that contained small flash bomb's, kind of like the Judge's".

    "Is everyone okay"?

    "Yeah! "Thanks to Mac, and his keen observations".

    "Wow"! "I guess you should count your blessings, that you're still breathing".

    "You're telling me". "Anyways, Mac said not to accept any packages".

    "Will do Danny", talk to you later".

    After Flack hung up the phone, Caroline asked him......."Is everything okay"?

    "Yeah"!! "Everything is fine". "You should go back to sleep now Caroline, I'll see you in the morning".


    Stella was waiting patiently for Mac to get back home. She didn't trust the idea of being alone with the twins, while that maniac was running around. As she was deep in thought the phone rang..

    "Hello", said Stella.

    "Hey Stella, it's Lindsay, how are you doing"?

    "Good, but kind of nervous with that maniac running around".

    "I hear ya, I can still see myself almost opening the box, I mean just the thought of what could have happened".

    "I know, Oh!! I hear the car", "I'll let you go Lindsay". "Are we still on for the morning"?

    "Of course, I'll call you before I leave".

    "Night Lindsay"

    "Night Stella".

    When Mac opened the door, Stella leaped into his arms.

    "Miss me sweetheart"?? said Mac.

    "Alway's said Stella. "How did everything go"?

    "Good, it's all taken care of". "Now", "before we were interrupted, where were we"?

    "Right about here, said Stella, as she kissed Mac.


    Flack had just closed eyes again for the briefest of seconds, when he felt someone staring at him. As he opened his eyes, Caroline was standing in front of him, with just his shirt on.

    "Christ"!! said Flack. "What's the matter Caroline"?

    "I was wondering if you could sleep in the bed with me"? "I really don't like being alone, right now".

    "I'm not sure, if that's a good Idea", said Flack.

    "Why not Flack, I trust you".

    Flack knew he was asking for trouble, but he gave in and followed her into the bedroom. After he had her comfortable under the covers, he slept on top.

    "Good night Flack", said Caroline.

    "Good night Caroline".

    Poor Flack couldn't get comfortable in the bed, he kept having nasty thoughts, about Caroline.

    "I gotta get out of here" , Flack whispered to himself.

    As he went to climb out of the bed, Caroline reached for him with her hand.

    "Don't go"! she whispered.

    "Caroline please, if I stay, I'll do something we may both regret later".

    "Flack, I'm a woman, not a child, did you ever think I'd like something to happen"? I felt the surge as soon as I looked at you". "I know you felt it too". "Please Flack, make love to me".

    What was a man to do, when a sexy woman asked him to love her.

    "Caroline"! "I just............ She kissed him to shut him up. They could feel the sparks fly, never had either felt that kind of attraction with anyone till now.

    Breaking away from her kiss, Flack looked her in the eyes and said....

    "Are you sure Caroline"? "Are you sure you want this to happen"?

    "Yes Flack"!! "I want us to make love".

    That was all he needed to hear, pulling her up to remove his shirt from her body, she sighed as Flack laid her back down.

    "So beautiful Caroline", look at you, all warm and ready me".

    Flack took his fingers and traced them along her neck, shoulder and around her breasts, as he bent his head down towards her breasts and kissed, she bucked.

    "God Caroline, you are so sensitive". Flack continued his journey along her body, as she squirmed and moaned as his tongue spread fire between her thighs.

    "Flack"!!! sighed Caroline, God, you feel so good, oh yeah!! touch me there, right there, *sigh*purr*, more, more".

    Never had Flack had a woman respond to him that way. She was driving him insane with her little sighs and purrs. Not being able to withstand anymore, he mounted her body anmd stopped as his tip neared her sweetness.

    "May I Caroline"? asked Flack.

    "You may, Flack, please do".

    As he entered her he felt the tightness and the barrier , to tight for a woman.

    "Christ Caroline", are you a virgin"?

    "Does it matter Flack"? Please I want you to go forward, don't stop".

    Flack knew he should stop, he knew he should leave and not look back, but her tightness was ruling his mind.

    "Caroline"! "If we do this, you will belong to me, do you understand"? "I will be the only one, who touches you". "I don't do well with relationships, but I'll try for you".

    "I promise Flack, I will not sleep with another, and I to will do everything in my power to keep you happy".

    "Then look at me Caroline, tell me you belong to me", tell me now".

    As Caroline said......

    "I only belong to you", Flack drove forward with one plunge, as Caroline bit into his shoulder with the pain.

    "I'm sorry love, I promise it will feel better in a few minutes, just try not to move love".

    Flack waited for the briefest of minutes, and then he slowly slid out of her and sank back in as she moaned a purr into his neck.

    "Feel better love"? "Is the pain easing off".

    Caroline tried to speak but couldn't, she was on the edge of something, but couldn't comprehend what it was.

    "Flack, I can't...........

    "Shh!! love, just let it happen, I'll take care of you".

    With one last push, Caroline came in a rush of warmth as she allowed Flack to take her away from reality, with the beauty of his touch.
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    This could get interesting. *Thinks this is the first FlackLovin' she's ever read before*
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    I know, I thought I'd try a Flack scene for a change, as we haven't had many scenes with him, and it's about time the man found love :lol:


    Danny had just come home to Lindsay.

    "Oh Danny you're home". "What did they say"?

    "Let's just say, if it wasn't for Mac's quick thinking I'd be dead".

    "Thank God for Mac, and his instincts".

    "I already did", said Danny, as he picked up his wife and carried her to bed.

    "Danny"!! "What are you up to"?

    "I'm up to making love too you"?

    Just as Danny laid her on the bed, the baby woke up crying.

    "I'll check on him Linds". "No falling asleep".

    As Danny walked into the Nursery, Lindsay listened to him talking too DJ.

    "Hey", there's my beautiful boy". "What's the problem champ"? "Are you wet"? or maybe hungry".

    After Danny changed DJ, he tried putting him back to bed.

    "Yeah right"!! "DJ had other ideas, as he screamed when Danny laid him down.

    Picking him back up, Danny took DJ into his and Lindsay's room.

    "What's this"?, laughed Lindsay. "Do we have company"?

    "Looks like we do love, playtime obviously belongs to DJ tonight".

    Lindsay giggled as they sandwich the baby between them to play.


    Flack went to the washroom, got a cloth with warm water and soap and brought it back to the bed, where he took the time, to clean Caroline from the aftermath of their bonding.

    "You don't have to do that Flac", "I can get up and shower".

    "I know that Caroline , said Flack as he softly wiped her down.

    He knew he had hurt her, and he could tell she was very sensitive and sore, which was why he was taking the time to make her feel pampered.

    "Are you feeling okay love"? "You're not to sore"?

    "No Flack, I'm fine, just a little pain, stop worrying".

    Flack bent down his face to hers and said......

    "I'll never stop worrying now Caroline" , as he kissed her passionately.

    Caroline's and Flack's only logical thoughts were, they were falling deeply for each other , as he took her back into the world of erotic bliss.


    Mac and Stella were laying in each other's arms.

    "Stella"! said Mac as he caressed her little buldging tummy. "I want you and the twins to be really careful until we catch Edward".

    "We will Mac, the only thing I'm doing in the morning, is going shopping with Lindsay".

    "Okay, I'll keep the twins with me, I have to go too the office for a while, but they can come with me", I'll take the double carrying pack".

    "Are you sure Mac, because I can take them in the stroller with Lindsay and I".

    "No"! "You and Lindsay have some fun tomorrow, the twins will be okay with me".

    "Okay than" said Stella as she turned over away from Mac.

    "Where do you think, you're going"? "Come here woman".

    As he pulled Stella back up against him, she felt Mr.Jolly.

    "Good God Mac", "Can't you keep him contained at all"? laughed Stella.

    "It's you love, everytime you're near he pops up to say hi".

    *laughing* "You're insane Taylor, but I love you anyways".
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    ROFL no he can't keep it contained
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    Lol, I don't think I have read a flack love scene before either!!
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    Edward was getting really angry , because everything had tried, haden't worked.

    "Now what to do", said Edward to himself.

    "I know, I'll make a car bomb, yeah, I'll start with that Det.Flack, and then........ no wait", he said to himself. "I'll plant them all at the same time", they can all go to hell together". "Now to get down to making them".


    Mac was still trying to intice Stella for more playtime.

    "Come on love, I really need you", "I've suffered such a fright tonight", said Mac, as he tried to coax Stella into more Smex.

    "Listen Taylor, The only thing that's a fright, is that Mr.Jolly". "I'm still stiff Mac, I need some time".

    "Come now Lovebutt, all you need is one of my nice massages on your pretty thighs".

    "Forget it Taylor, stay away from me".

    Poor Stella, when did Mac ever listen to her rantings, as he climbed over her and started massaging her feet.

    "Mac, I said stop, *giggling* as he worked his hands up her calves.

    "Shh!!! "Listen love just lay back and enjoy it", said Mac as he moved his hands further up her legs.

    "Christ Stella, now look what you've done, just relax love and let me work my magic with my kiss".

    Stella couldn't stay still, as Mac tortured her with his heated massage.

    "Mac"! "please....... I can't breath, you're killing me".

    Looking up, he crawled on top of his wife and looked into her eyes, as he said, "I love you Stella".

    Mac was waiting on the center, until he heard her words "I love you too Mac, then he pushed forward in passion and in love.


    Flack and Caroline, had finally snuggled together for what was left of the night.

    "Flack"! said Caroline quietly.

    "Yes love"?

    "Thank-you", said Caroline.

    "Thank-you for what sweetheart"?

    "Thank-you for coming into my life, and thank-you for protecting me".

    "You're welcome Caroline, and I'll always protect now, from now and into forever".

    With that said the snuggled closer and fell asleep.


    Danny and Lindsay had finally gotten DJ back down for the night.

    "My goodness Danny, I don't think I've ever seen DJ stay awake that long".

    "I know, either have I". "Maybe he sensed the tension, and it disrupted his sleep".

    "You could be right, or maybe he just our company".

    At that moment the phone rang.......

    "Hello"! said Danny.

    "Yes is this Det.Messer"?

    "It is yes"! "Why, who's asking"?


    "Now that was wierd" , said Danny to himself.

    "Who was it Danny"? asked Lindsay.

    "Don't know, they hung up". "Night sweetheart".

    "Night", said Lindsay as she snuggled beside him.
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    hmm I wanna see how it turns out. More more more!

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