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    Season 12 Spoiler Lab Discussion Part 3

    I agree, I really wish we could see something like that. Even if it was something like going down a narrow staircase.
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    George/Nick: Texan Charm #12

    When the team and Jack were talking about kidnappings, Grissom said that it's just random sometimes and Jack replied "Have you ever tried telling that the parents of a child who's been kidnapped?" and then Grissom said yes and then Jack asked "How did that work out for you?" and then they showed...
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    "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead" Discussion *Spoilers*

    Glad I'm not the only one who thought that! :lol:
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    "The Two Mrs. Grissoms" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    I loved this episode more than I thought. I loved Nick throughout the whole episode, especially when he was concerned about Ray and Sara. I also liked seeing Sara's buttons being pushed and the interaction she had with Mrs. G. Seeing Grissom at the end made me realized just how much I miss him...
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    Season 11 "Spoiler Lab" Discussion Part 3

    Personally I feel like it is fitting that it is Nick who does it since he did kill his brother. (Although technically Catherine and Vartann took some shots too.) But Nick was the one who told Jason "Not if I can help it" when asked if his brother was going to be killed. I also feel it could...
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    Season 11 "Spoiler Lab" Discussion Part 3

    Unless Jason tips Nick off so they don't suspect him later. :shifty: Either way, I am really excited for this episode. I'm hopeful for some continuation with the events of "Shock Waves." :thumbsup:
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    Season 11 "Spoiler Lab" Discussion Part 3

    I totally agree with this idea. Or Nick could just try and save him regardless if he's evil or not because he feels guilty about killing his brother. Honestly whatever they do, it sounds interesting and I am excited for this episode. I don't care much for Justin Beiber, but he was tolerable in...
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    Season 11 "Spoiler Lab" Discussion Part 2

    I managed to grab the promo for "Sqweegel." Sorry for the poor quality, I can only record vids with my iPod.
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    "Shock Waves" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    This was one of the episodes that can define my love for Nick Stokes. For once, the writers actually wrote the the aftermath fairly well! (I expected George's acting to be top-notch as always.) I love how this episode was a mix of all Nick's emotions. It really showed just how messed up Nick is...
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    "Shock Waves" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I for one am really excited for the premire, not because of Langston but because of Nick. Even though they're making it seem like Langston's going to be all traumatized, I think Nick's going to have a little bit of aftermath based on the promo. He winced after they showed the cops shooting into...
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    Season 11 "Spoiler Lab" Discussion Part 2

    I saw a CSI promo last night during the Big Bang Theory and I was able to record it. I think this is the promo someone mentioned a couple days back.
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    Season 11 "Spoiler Lab" Discussion Part 2

    What's bugging me about the Haskell/Langston things is Haskell has been in jail for what, ten years? Why should he even get to defend himself? As for that small promo posted by vegaslights, did anyone else notice the quick clip of Nick and Catherine shooting at something? I wonder what that's...
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    Season 11 "Spoiler Lab" Discussion Part 2

    The bees were from "Go to Hell." EDIT: Oops, someone beat me to the answer.
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    You Know You Watch Too Much CSI:LV When ...

    When during the commercial break after Nick got shot, your two friends asked if you were okay...and so did your friend's mom. XD
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    Case request! Las Vegas!

    I agree with the idea of having non-murder cases. I think they should do another kidnapping (Not of one of the CSIs, of course) of a teenager or even an adult or something that doesn't turn into murder. But robberies and arsons sound good too.