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    What were they thinking?!

    sounds kind of like Ray JR haha
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    Best Season Finale

    I loved the last 5 minutes of season 5 with that Aqualung song playing while they did a mini recap with everyone... and Jake and Calleigh kissed which was unexpected and Eric's jealousy was really obvious, and Stetler giving Ryan all of his case work back, and Natalia helping him... it just...
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    yeah its interesting how they use a lot of the same actors. I just thought it was weird how during CSI tonight I was like "oh hey it's the kid from Nailed" and then and hour later I'm like "hey it's the mom from Nailed"
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    (sorry if this shouldn't be posted here, but I can't think of anywhere else it would fit) Did anyone happen to notice that the kid who shot his mother with a nailgun in the CSI Miami episode "Nailed" (aka the one where Ryan gets a nail shot in the eye) was on tonight's episode of CSI (Las...
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    Out of touch with reality

    To be honest, I think it would. The CSI Miami look is so flashy and chic and most people love it for that. Plus, one could argue that Natalia's grant is how they were able to upgrade so much :P
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    'I Have an Episode/Season Question' Thread #2. No Spoilers Please.

    Re: CSI:Miami 'I Have a Question' Thread #2. NO SPOILERS PLE okay I'm quite confused. I just watched seasons 1 to 5 on DVD over the past couple months, and yet I'm still confused with something. In episode 16 of season 4, Alexx confronts Ryan, asking if he told anyone about the presription she...
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    Dislike a Ship?

    Re: worst couples !!!! I think Grissom/Greg is the WORST couple ever. It makes me sick to even see Pairing: Grissom/Greg at the beginning of a fic. It just seems so wrong to me.
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    Just a kiss...

    I'd choose Greg and Nick. That's right. THREESOME. ...-evil grin-
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    Investigation song in CSI: "Compulsion"?

    I was wondering if anyone knows what song was being played on tonight's episode, when Catherine and Nick are first processing the house where the teenage boy was murdered. It was a girl singing, and it was really slow. The lyrics were sort of hard to understand, but I heard "I've been waiting...