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Discussion in 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' started by gsrLOVE, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. 4ENSIX

    4ENSIX Pathologist

    Jan 3, 2007
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    In no particular order...

    -Greg as Swami (Abra Cadaver)
    -Jacqui as Swami (A Night at the Movies)
    -Nick's line about selective amnesia (Fallen Idols)
    -Greg dancing like a showgirl (Table Stakes)
    -"For the record, I really like having a penis." (Ch-Ch-Changes)
    -All the various "Nick-is-a-trouble-magnet" scenes (Overload, Stalker, Grave Danger, Who Are You?, that little panic attack in Shooting Stars, that other little panic attack in Bodies in Motion)
    -Nick pinning Peter up to the wall and shouting "Where is she?!" (Gum Drops)
    -Greg holding up Kristy Hopkins' shirt to himself and saying, "Very see-through...very Jennifer Lopez." *shimmy* (I-15 Murders)
    -Grissom breaking the mustard jar in the supermarket (I-15 Murders)

    And my all-time favourite...

    -CATHERINE: "Well, when we have a problem, I don't paint Greg Sanders in latex and stick a straw up his nose." GRISSOM: "Good. He'd probably like it." (Slaves of Las Vegas)
  2. korbjaeger

    korbjaeger Pathologist

    Jul 23, 2005
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    10 - Grissom to bodies in morgue that scared Holly: "You assholes!!" (Pilot)

    9 - Warrick. No shirt. Nuff said. (Table Stakes)

    8 - Greg makes like a showgirl, complete with headdress (Table Stakes)

    7 - Archie does his Elvis impression and shows off his art knowledge (Let The Seller Beware)

    6 - Explod-o-potty!! (Iced)

    5 - Archie and Sara do an impromptu Me'Shell Ndege-Ocello cover (Fallen Idols)

    4 - The whole freaking episode (Rashomama)

    3 - Archie. Red t-shirt. Nuff said. (Secrets and Flies)

    2 - Catherine falling into Warrick's arms outside the sewer (Down the Drain)

    1 - Greg confronts Nick about his taking Archie into the field instead of him; Nick demonstrates why he made the choice (Random Acts of Violence)
  3. alienor

    alienor Police Officer

    Feb 18, 2007
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    The choice is really difficult, but here is my top ten :

    1 - The loosing my balance scene between Grissom and Lady Heather in "Lady Heather's box"

    2 - When Grissom offers to Cath his fetal pig as a present :lol: "no humans involved"

    3 - The argument between Cath and Grissom "you're right. I'm deficient in a lot of ways. But I never screw up one of my cases with personal stuff" and Cath answers "Grissom ... what personal stuff?" in "Pledging Mr Johnson"

    4 - Mad scientist in "assume nothing" :lol:

    5 - Grissom is hearing the cell's phone of Catherine vibrating, "you're back !" ;) in "assume nothing"

    6 - All the team has learned that Grissom shares the same birthday with the victims, they keep talking and Grissom is embarrassed, Cath understands just by staring at him and send them away in "identity crisis".

    7 - When Sara invites Grissom for dinner in "play with fire"

    8 - Greg and the pens in his nose and "you know what a switch is !" :lol: and the priceless face of Grissom who does not crack a smile :lol: in "slaves of Las Vegas"

    9 - When Grissom is trying to convince Sara that she needs a diversion, and she says that she is interested in nothing in "too tough to die"

    10 - When Sara talks with the so sensible teenager girl "look you can question me, you don't have to pretend to be interested in me" in "no humans involved"
  4. Roy

    Roy Hit and Run

    Nov 6, 2006
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    1 Catherine telling Greg he would've remembered her if he had seen her dance.
    2 When Catherine tells Gil to shut his mouth while he's gawking at a showgirl.
    3 Buttons.
    4 The "Silk, Silk, Silk" scene, when Nick tries to trick Catherine into saying cows drink milk.
    5 Pretty much every scene between Cath and Lady Heather in Slaves of Las Vegas
    6 Other people have said this, but the "It's raining man juice?" line in AFOC.
    7 Straw in Built to Kill!
    8 Gil and Cath at the movies.
    9 Cath's comments on liking hairy chests but having no desire to bop a six foot weasal.
    10 Did I already mention the buttons? I did. Well, any moment that involves Cath wearing the blue jumpsuit.

    That rounds out my top ten, in no particular order. No surprise they are all Cath. I'm obsessed, I know. ;)
  5. cofi_shot

    cofi_shot Captain

    Dec 26, 2005
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    *in no particular order* and I kinda cheated, lol.

    - Team having breakfast (The Strip Strangler)
    - The team watching the live video feed of Nick buried underground (Grave Danger)
    - Warrick watching as Nick holds a gun to his head (Grave Danger)
    - Grissom/Lady H hug scene (Pirates of the Third Reich)
    - Brass gets hugged and forgiven by the widow (A Bullet Runs Through It 2)
    - Nick and Sara talking about Cassie, and about him being rescued (Gum Drops)
    - Nick and Sara trying to pull out the towel bar by the tub (Last Laugh)
    - Catherine crying in bed and Lindsey comforting her (Lady Heather's Box)
    - Hot guy sans shirt (Warrick in Homebodies, Nick in I-15 Murders and Rashomama)
    - CSIs singing (Sara in Too Tough To Die, Nick in Happenstance(?))

    I got so many others! Maybe we should do this per season. :D
  6. vegaslights

    vegaslights Brute

    Oct 30, 2004
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    This really is hard. There are some really great moments in this show [thus the reason why I watch it :p] but being that I can only list 10 now, maybe we can come back later and list 10 more?

    In no particular order:

    ** The Grissom/Sofia scene in "Formalities" wear she is getting changed into her forensic overalls. Discussion on the underwear. :lol:

    ** The team running after Nick in "Grave Dangers; Volumes 1 & 2".

    ** The Catherine giggling scene at the end of "Loco Motives".

    ** Doc Robbins and Grissom singing in the autopsy room in "Built to Kill, Part 2".

    ** The diner scene in which Sofia and Brass talk about what happened in "A Bullet Runs Through It" [can't remember if it was p1 or p2]

    ** Going with cofi_shot here and have to agree with the diner scene in "Strip Strangler" where the team has breakfast.

    ** The team reunited and walking up to the crime scene in "Bodies in Motion".

    ** Catherine doing Grissom's tie "you need a woman" in the beginning of "Formalities" :D

    ** Brass,Catherine and Grissom having drinks at the end of "King Baby"

    and finally

    ** Sofia given Grissom a glued tie in "Formalities"
  7. BlueStarlight

    BlueStarlight Rookie

    Jan 24, 2007
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    - When they show faces of everyone, while they watch video of Nick in coffin!
    - Look on Grissom face when Greg and Sara walk by him (after shower) and Sara claims that she saw everything!
    - Rashomama- entire episode is sooo funny and good!
    - Sara and Catherine – "It's raining man juice?"
    - Catherine and Warrick's moment outside the sewer! Almost kiss!
    - With Greg, Sara and Grissom – “You know, this is exactly like a dream I had once, except it wasn't in a garage and Grissom wasn't watching.”
    - When Sara is mad and Greg asks Nick – “You want a valium for her?”
    And Sara shouts –“I heard that!”
    - When Brass is hugged by widow and they both cry in- A Bullet Runs Through 2.
    - When Sara tell Grissom that she left kid in the car, and that she left the window open.
    - Greg and Sara with the exploding toilet.
  8. ericloca

    ericloca Lab Technician

    Mar 19, 2007
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    My top ten ? let's see ..
    1. it has to be the scene when Sara came to see Greg afterr the beating
    2. Greg's face after the shooting in No humans involved
    3. When Catherin goes to the hospital to tell Greg she blew up the lab
    4.At the hospital with Grissom and Catherine
    5.first meeting of Catherine and Sara !
    6. When Keppler got shot and Catherine was crying
    7.The scene with Catherine and Greg in Double-Cross
    8 . When Nick and Warrick wree talking about how to help Greg .
    9. When Nick punched K-Fed ( gorgeous !)
    10 . The explosion
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