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Discussion in 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' started by gsrLOVE, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. gsrLOVE

    gsrLOVE Pathologist

    Feb 20, 2007
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    So, I thought this would be an interesting thread..

    What are your top ten moments of CSI?

    If you can not think of 10, then try 5 :)

    Limited to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (LV).

    Okay mine (After trying to remember a few episodes) and in no particular order:

    1. Season six finale Bedroom scene!
    2. Catherine and Warrick almost kiss in.. Season four I believe?
    3. When Grissom is at the large people "get together" and one of the woman slaps his butt.
    4. When Sara is asking Hodges about some results and he makes no comments, he asks her "No witty comments" (Or something I can't remember) and he says "Even I have my off days, Sara".. Makes me laugh everytime.
    5. Sara was singing in the lab and Nick says "Has anyone ever you told you that you have a good singing voice?"
    6. When Sara had to be with Brenda in "Blood Drops", she goes for lunch and Grissom asks her where the girl is, she replies "In the car. Give me a little credit, I left the window open!"
    7. Catherine saved her daughter in the episode where Eddie dies.
    8. Grissom asks Holly Gribbs if she has given her blood yet, she asks why, and he remarks "So many reasons".
    9. Nick hugged Grissom in "Leaving Las Vegas", absolutely priceless.
    10. In "Rashomama" when Grissom began stating his analasis of the cime scene, and he ends it when the lady bug. Classical Grissom and his bugs!
  2. SpeedyMeg25

    SpeedyMeg25 Coroner

    Mar 7, 2007
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    hm...this is hard, but in no particular order:

    1. when Greg dances like a showgirl
    2. when the team rescued Nick after he was buried alive
    3. when Greg was in the lab trying to be a "rockstar"
    4. when Grissom got his hearing back
    5. when Grissom is at the large peoples convention and the lady vendor asks him if he is looking for a girlfriend (It makes me laugh everytime!)

    I can't think of any more in particular, there are too many!
  3. cathwillows

    cathwillows CSI Level Three

    Jan 5, 2007
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    1. Grissom and Catherine at the PAFCON in "Fur and Loathing" (i laugh if i only think about it)
    2. Nick singing in his car in "Grave Danger"
    3. Catherine crying at the end of "Lady Heather's Box"
    4. Doc Robbins singing in the autopsy room in "Built to kill 2"
    5. Again Doc Robbins and Catherine talking about the dead guy in the autopsy room in "Way to go"...Cath: "Means he died with a smile on his face." Doc Robbins: "Among other things!" :lol:
    6. Catherine's case with the little girl, Laura, in the pilot i think. :(
    7. Catherine laughing about Max having hit his daughter with his car in "Loco Motives". "I'm sorry, it's horrible but it's really funny. It's horrible and it's funny."
    8. The bet between Warrick and Catherine in "Big Middle" while watching a basketball game.
    9. The last scene of "Inside the Box" between Grissom and Catherine.
    10. The whole scene in the nursery in Eiger's house in "King Baby" with Catherine, Grissom, Nick and Warrick. Nick: "Whoa! Who's your mommy?" :lol:

    i'm sure there are more, but these are the ones that came to my mind
  4. kaylyne

    kaylyne Coroner

    Jan 12, 2006
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    Ten? Just TEN?!! OK, this won't be easy. Here's what comes to mind first: (I'll probably have changed my mind by tomorrow)

    1. Catherine rescues Lindsey in the car (LHB)
    2. Catherine processes her rape kit in the motel (BTK2)
    3. Giggling Cath at the beginning of Loco Motives
    4. Sara attacked in the assylum (Committed)
    5. Cath walks with Sam at the end of Burked
    6. Catherine tells Gil about Sam's check (Early Rollout) followed by the "are we good" ending.
    7. Cath/Vartann in the travel office (Bang Bang)
    8. The running scenes at the beginning of Dead Ringer
    9. Greg & Sara with the exploding toilet (iced)
    10.Cath & Sara "wanna get a beer" (crash & burn)

    Most of them include Catherine...big surprise :D.
  5. edog

    edog Lab Technician

    May 5, 2006
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    Yeah, ten is not nearly enough. Here I go. . .

    1) Cath and Sara arriving at the scene in AFOC. "It's raining man juice?" "Hallelujah?" (followed by the processing the tub scene; tank tops!!!)
    2) Hodges telling Warrick he is married and to stop flirting with Cath in Secrets and Flies.
    3) Sara and Archie singing "If That's Your Boyfriend" in Fallen Idols.
    4) Sara tells Greg that he's technically a cannibal and he claims, "Grissom would've tasted it on purpose."
    5) Nick hugging Grissom goodbye when he thinks Gris won't be coming back.
    6) Catherine goes off on a tangent, sarcastically saying she should be just like Gris, alone at home working genius level crossword puzzles. Gris replys, ""Technically, it's a townhouse. And the crosswords are advanced, not genius." (I forget the episode)
    7) Cath, Nick and Rick discuss dating in Nesting Dolls.
    8 ) Any scene with Sofia in A Bullet Runs Through It.
    9) Sofia arrives at the garage with a shot gun in Fannysmackin'.
    10) Vartann and Doc Robbins working together to find their missing db.

    Oh, I could list so many more. Maybe I'll post another ten later. :lol:
  6. 19ams87

    19ams87 CSI Level Two

    Jan 20, 2007
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    edog - number 6 is from Pledging Mr Johnson! One of my fave ever episodes.

    Ok these aren't in order.
    1. Doc Robins singin in the morgue and Cath/Gris catching him!
    2. The wink from Big Middle HOT!
    3. The hug from Inside the Box
    4. 'I missed your tush' from King Baby
    5. Nick singing 'OH MAAAANDY!'
    6. 'You a**holllles' from the Pilot.
    7. 'Hello dear' from Jackpot
    8. Grissom in jeans/the tux
    9. When Gris buys Lindsey the chemisty set and Nick (i think) has bought the same one LOL
    10. The comfort scene between Sara/Greg in Fannysmackin.

    Gawd there are so many more!!
  7. ladyhunter

    ladyhunter Head of the Swing Shift

    May 5, 2006
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    These are in no particular order

    1. Cath/Vartann Viva Las Vegas, "why is it you guys can never hit the bowl?"

    2. Brass at the end of A Bullet Runs Through It, I pretty much liked the whole episode but I loved it when Bell's widow just put up her hand to him and hugged him.

    3. Greg tasting 'human soup' in Bodies in Motion

    4. Sara conforting Greg in Fannysmakin'

    5. Grissom and Lady Heather in the infamous "loosing my balance" scene in Lady Heather's Box

    6. The "can you hear me Pancho?" scenes between Grissom and Nick in Grave Danger

    7. Vartann and Sara in Dead Ringer When he tells Manny's wife that she killed the wrong woman

    8. Grissom's face in Swap Meet when he finds the vibrators in the dishwasher.. his face was priceless

    9. Keppler's "I'm sorry." to Catherine in Laws of Gravity OOOHHH so much behind those words

    10. Vartann and Ecklie in Iced Vartann says to Ecklie "Crime scene is getting cold."

    I'm sure I'll think of more
  8. Musicluvr325

    Musicluvr325 Police Officer

    Nov 18, 2005
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    1. Greg's hat flip at the end of Kiss Kiss, Bye bye. (My lord I was weak in the knees after that)

    2.Greg's hands shaking in Inside The Box. Poor thing.

    3. Greg's search for the bottle in Assume Nothing / Greg dirty when he gets back to the lab.

    4.Nick at the end of Grave Danger crying saying "that's it".

    5. Grissom's Pancho moment with Nick in Grave Danger.

    6. Nick stripping in Let The Seller Bewere.

    7. Greg's Mildew'd feet.

    8. Nick singing Mandy.

    9. Greg rocking out to Manson in Cats in the Cradle.

    10. All of Nick in Gum Drops. Amazing.

    There are more moments. I think I could pick one from each show.
  9. edog

    edog Lab Technician

    May 5, 2006
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    I thought so! Thanks for telling me which episode it was! :D
  10. animequeen23

    animequeen23 Witness

    Mar 6, 2007
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    first ones that come to mind...
    when Greg dances like a showgirl
    when the team rescued Nick after he was buried alive
    when Greg was in the lab trying to be a "rockstar" to Marylin Manson music
    when Grissom asks Greg to take his shoes and socks off and Greg launches into his speech about strip-forensics.
    when Nick had to strip in order to find a body in the pool (let the seller beware)
  11. forensics_girl

    forensics_girl Witness

    Feb 14, 2007
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    1) When Keppler and Catherine say their "Faking it" lines (Hence, my signature.)
    2) Doc Robbins and Grissom rocking it out in the morgue.
    3) When Nick had to take off his shirt to jump in the pool.
    4) Greg and Jacqui's bet and the whole swami hat thing.
    5) Grissom telling Hodges to shut the door (From the other side)
    6) Sara and Catherine's "It's raining man juice?" moment.
    7) When Nick proclaims he's "An ass-man".
    8 ) Hodges falling asleep at the microscope and getting a black ring around his eye.
    9) Hodges' grooming session and detailed speech for the cameras in "I like to Watch"
    10) Greg's 'cannibalism' in "Bodies in Motion".

    And...just one more!

    11) Catherine's "Whaat?" reaction at the end of Law of Gravity. Heartbreaking. :(
  12. Jacquie

    Jacquie Ward Girl Moderator

    Jul 31, 2005
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    Here are my top 10 in no particular order

    -Rashomana-in particular the lab scene with Wendy cutting away Nick's t-shirt
    -Nick singing Mandy
    -Grave Danger
    -Nick tell Catherine-We trust you with our lives. You could have trusted us with this. From Redrum
    -Nick and Catherine in Crows Feet-in particular Catherine testing the strength of Nick's muscles :)
    -11 Angry Jurors-Nick standing up to Grissom and proving that mistakes were made
    -Stalker. An injuried Nick needing a huge hug at he end.
    -Nick's selective amnesia line from Fallen Idols
    -The end of Gum Drops with a teary eyed Nick.
    -Greg dancing with the show girls headpiece
    -The toilet blowing up in Iced and Ecklie trying to find the dead body :)
  13. Axatullux

    Axatullux Lab Technician

    Nov 1, 2005
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    1.Grissom and Sara at the hotel with Grissom in a tropical T-Shirt and Sara in a bathrobe. :devil:
    2.The toilet exploding in the episode "Iced"
    3.The episode "Boom"
    4. Catherine showing a horrified and shocked look when she pulled a dead snake from a severed head's throat. So sexy.
    6. The lab exploding in "Playing With Fire".
    7. The "pin me down" scene from "Invisible Evidence"
    8. The sodium exploding when the girl turned the shower on.
    9. Sara gagging when the bag containing the decomposed guys gooey remains were washed down the autopsy drain.
    10. Nick being rescued from the plastic coffin before the explosives went off.
  14. Daquien

    Daquien Coroner

    Jun 25, 2005
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    1-All the hilarious "Rashomama" scenes.
    2-Doc Robbins and Grissom singing (BTK).
    3-Grissom with blood on his hands at the end of "Alter Boys".
    4-All Hodges sarcastic quotes.
    5-Grissom remarks on the episodes openings.
    6-The cop's widow hugging Brass (ABRTI 2).
    7-Grissom telling Catherine about his father's death on "Still Life".
    8-Grisson getting emotional when they found the dead baby on "Gentle,gentle".
    9-Catherine/Keppler scenes.
    10-Grissom talking sign language on "Sounds of silence".
  15. Dardeile

    Dardeile CSI Level One

    Sep 26, 2006
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    1) Formalities. "You don't need A DIAGRAM".
    2) Catherine collecting her own evidence in Built To Kill.
    3) Inside The Box, the hug. ^^
    4) The kiss in Weeping Willows. DAMN HOT!
    5) Grave Danger's "Shut Up" by Cath.
    6) Down The drain. Do I have to say the moment? C'mon, we know it.
    7) "The Strip Strangler" last 5 minutes
    :cool: When Catherine wants to kill Eddie's "girlfriend" after his death. Men, that's my girl. :D
    9) "How can I help" by Grissom, in Early Rollout.
    10) The final scene in Pirates of The third Reich.

    I need another ten. Please. I'm begginbg. DOn't you feel pty for me?
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