You know you're (insert nationality here) when...

This sounds fun. So...

You know your Finnish when..

- Shamble without no reason in the woods :D

- Don't use sock starting in May and end in October (my mum is of of those!:rolleyes:)

- Think that Duudson's are normal Finns! :lol:

- When your every other word is starting in "P", "S" or "V":rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
(there first letters of finnish cursing words!:censored:)

- Your sentence is max two words long!:guffaw:

- You have cranky face and baggies under your eyes:cardie:

- You're pessimist :brickwall:

-You go to Sauna every Sunday ;)

- You love when there's over 20 centimeters snow in the winter and freeze over 20 degrees also. :rolleyes:

-You speak a language that is talked only in Finland! :lol:
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I wish I would be Finnish because of that sauna - I've only been few times but it is sooo great

I got one more :D
-you know you're Polish when you are able to drink much more alcohol than people from other countries (excluding Russians - just to be save, cos they have strong heads too)
:lol: I had a friend from Poland, I would also say you know you're Polish when you think your country is the lamest of all the European countries.

You know you're Lebanese when you see a guy walking shirtless and you think "If he comes near my sisters, I'm calling my uncles."
you know you are Polish when you complain about everything and doing nothing to make it better (cos there is a chance you will be successful and there will be no reason to complain any more!)

:lol: I love that! I think that fits to Germans as well. Speaking of Germans, you know you're German when everyone thinks the only things you eat are bratwurst and schnitzel and that all you drink is beer.
Nice that there's someone that like Sauna too! :thumbsup:

By the way sorry about the say it's "Saturday" not "Sunday" usually ;)

Here's couple more which my friend told me!

- You need coffee to start to day! :lol:

- You're formulas fanatic! :vulcan:

- You doing to the woods pick up blueberries when there's crazily mosquitoes! :lol:

- You're using sweatsuits!!! :angryrazz: