You Know You Watch Too Much CSI:Miami When...Part 2!

you know you watch too much CSi:Miami when...

- you're thinking of making a countdown to the beginning of season 7...cant wait to see it
- you're dreaming you're a real CSI and wake up with a smile on your face that you solved that crime with H :)
You buy a book on Palmistry that you see while going through the grocery store checkout line because you think David Lee Smith's hands are sexy and want to know more about them and what hands shaped like that mean. :)
When you have to put on gloves at work and pretend you're a CSI...

When you freak out in Wal-Mart looking for a birthday card and find the CSI: Miami talking one. :) lol...I bought two: One for my friend and one for myself!
You secretly compare every guy you meet to Adam Rodriguez and find fault with every one of them...:rolleyes:

HAHAHA When I was in NYC I kept seeing all these Puerto Rican guys with the same haircut as him. :lol: I was like, AAA! Wait a minute!

Then I was like, no...not possible hhahaha :lol:
You secretly compare every guy you meet to Adam Rodriguez and find fault with every one of them...:rolleyes:

Oh god when I went to florida for labor day weekend thats what I did and my dad had no clue what I was doing. :lol: and let me tell ya, Florida is overrun by hot guys! :guffaw::devil:
When you tell your boss that you can't cover for him on the 22nd because CSI:Miami is coming on and he really needs someone because his brother is coming home from Iraq on that date.....
When you apply for a job and put on the form that you cant work Tuesday because Miami is on! And I got the job and have to work on a Tuesday and will miss Season 6 on Miami :(
When you see a music video where someone is making a text message and they type the word "its" and you assume that the word "done" is going to follow, but then it's a different word like "on" or "okay". :lol: I did this yesterday. :lol:
When your roommate suggests you go for pedicures, and you turn her down because you just got back from a week of unpaid vacation and can't spare the cash. But you don't hesitate to hop online to buy the season 6 DVDs, which cost more than the pedicure would have anyway.
You know you watch to much CSI Miami when -

1. Your almost 40 years old and you find yourself in love with Speed & Delko.

2. You go downstairs to talk to your husband and he informs you that you are in a no CSI zone!

3. You run screaming through the house at the top of you lungs Its Delko Time, It Delko Time cause your to dogs to go crazy and bark with you!

4. You have to constantly tell the dogs to stop squeeking their toys because Mommy is watching Speed and Delko on TV. rearange your whole day to watch all the CSI Shows that are on throughout the day On A&E & Spike TV.

6. you are constantly hunting a great song to make a new fan video for your Youtube page.

Yes I know my life was suppose to be so much more than this, But those Brown Eyed men have got me! by the way everybody checkout my youtube page Speedle Space/Delko Time heres the link.

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Ok, a few days ago there was a sliver Hummer pulling into my high school parking lot. I was standing 20 feet away and even though there was a person in there, I still wanted to steal it!!! :lol::guffaw::drool:
When you think it's a good sign that you see at least 4 Hummers almost every day... even if one of them is red and one is olive.