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    1)I'm a tradgedy/epic/excitement kind of a person. Near death experiance would be pretty cool. I know I'm strange but...House is an awesome doctor. But if I got deathly sick in McDreamy's city and had to walk a hundred miles to House's city, then I'd walk to House's city. Anyone who opposes CSI is no friend of mine...lol.

    2)I'd want to be killed and have the case solved by by favorite CSIs;Grissom and Nick. Instead of trying to understand my cruel motives of killing someone, which I'd never do purposely, they'd side with me and find my killer at all costs.*huggles*

    3)I'd go with having no computer access. Because if you really want to get technical, having computer access doesn't neccessarily mean having Internet access. So I'd still be able to get ahold of people and all, even if I didn't have a computer.

    I like to think strangely and outside the box, if you didn't notice... :p

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