William/Grissom: Of CSI & Beyond #14

Just read on WPAP about Billy helping a woman who got flattened by a car after meeting him in a restaurant. Awww. Bless him!!

If you get chance, go to the CSI Experience. Just been to the one in Vegas. Had to growl a bit at Grissom's video... 'if it's not in the report, it didn't happen!' Grrrrrrrr!!! Very masterful! I did a little growl and my mate rolled his eyes! :lol: :lol: :lol: But so worth it! Curls, clean shaven, looking over his glasses at the camera... MMM MMM MMMMMMMMM!!!!!
I read the article also. It certainly increased my admiration for Billy and validated in a big way, that he is a great guy in real life too. :bolian::adore:
Just read on WPAP about Billy helping a woman who got flattened by a car after meeting him in a restaurant. Awww. Bless him!!
Awww, that was sooo sweet of him!:adore: So that's where I went wrong, I shouldn't have dodged that car in the alley and I could've met him.:lol: J/K!! Seriously though, what a great guy.;)
I am going to see Endgame...have tickets for April 25th. I live in Wisconsin---about an hour and a half from Chicago so its a nice day trip! I never mind making the journey to see Billy in action...have to keep my perfect record since I saw his other two performances! :)

I didn't know where else to post about this but I am super excited and this is only the real place that would share in my excitement! :lol: But I found out yesterday that the local university here in my hometown is having a program on Sat. evening (the 24th)!--"Behind the Scenes with CSI"...and its being hosted by David Berman (SuperDave) and Jon Wellner (Henry). I know it's not Billy (or George :devil:) but it'll do! I'm quite excited--a whole CSI weekend!
Hey Stimpy,
You need to tell us how your CSI weekend went.

Almost all of the reviews for "Endgame" from the critics have been very favourable. They all say Billy is doing a wonderful job of playing Hamm. I'm very happy for his success!!
A few new things posted over at WPAP.
There is a podcast featuring Billy and Martha Lavey talking about "Endgame" and there is an article and two new pics from Billy's visit to the theater dept of the University of Illinois at Chicago. :bolian:
I've seen it four times now, going on closing Day thanks to a wonderful friend's gift...LOL, anyway, I think Billy is terrific in this. It's definitely NOT a play to try to sit and 'get' as opposed to sitting and letting it happen. Beckett is not easy on any given day but Ian Barford and Billy manage to make the evening a totally enjoyable play... Granted I saw him running home between the two shows he does on Sat and Sunday....he had his makeup on (making him look very very white...LOL) with red rimmed eyes which contrast tremendously with his beautiful blue eyes... He was as gracious as ever stopping to say hello before he had to run because he promised to be home for Sunday dinner between shows.
No, quite the contrary...Billy's hair is very closely cropped and his own, no wig. Instead he wears a nasty knit cap that makes his head itch thus the short hair...or he'd sweat to death on stage.
Can I ask one question??
Billy is still working on CSI ??

I mean I know he is gone from the show as an actor , but is he working as a producer?? because I think I read his name on the season finale as a producer .

or maybe im crazy :lol:
Well, I don't know about being crazy, all of us are a bit on this board, no offense to anyone:lol: He is ex. producer with his partner in crime Cynthia Chvatal, who's been with him a very long time. I think as of now, it's a monetary thing, I really have no idea how much he's involved in the show at this time, beings he's doing his plays in Chicago, but one never knows , if he might make a appearance down the line;)
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thank you !! I like to know that he didnt left all CSI :D .. Im so happy that I didnt confused with guess star, because if I would believe that and find out I was so wrong it would suck .. a lot !! :lol:
Hey guys! :)

A happy summer to you All! :)

It's been well over a year now since Grissom left and I was wondering...how many of us really think he's coming back?
Or should he? :eek:

I'm very happy that he's doing what he loves...the Theatre. :thumbsup:

I dont know a part of me sometimes think that he is going to comeback just for one episode and sometimes I think that maybe not ...

the most important thing is what you said, that he is doing what he loves :D
I would love Billy to do a couple of guest spots on CSI because I miss Grissom. :luvlove:
However, I'm happy that Billy is happy and doing what he loves.
I just hope that the next play he does is at a time when I can make it to Chicago.