William/Grissom: Of CSI & Beyond #14

The play is not till April and that's a ways off. But here he is again saying something contradictory from his first interview. How "anything is possible about returning to CSI":confused: and on the show, he's in Paris teaching at the Sarbonne, and his wife has returned to Las Vegas, and is back working on cases. So, I still hold out that the pressure [of fans and TPTB] and his wanting to please everyone, he will do a 'guest spot' on the show, down the line:rolleyes:


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at this point i think both him and TPTB are still trying to figure out what to do about Grissom's comeback. which is why he can't really say a definite 'yes' or 'no'. all his responses are equally criptic ('maybe', 'not now', 'he'll be back sometime', 'maybe not' etc.) WP seems like the last resort, or CSI's wildcard. they'll use him when the show starts to do really bad, or for the movie if the TV show will continue doing average (like now).

imo, he'll be back but the timing and place is just as unknown for TPTB as it is for us.
Thanks for the link to the clip Rocky. Billy looks fabulous...and Gina always looks wonderful..d*mn her....lol!!! :)

I really do feel for him though. He just can't go anywhere now without people recognizing him. It's a double edged sword I'm sure. You need the recognition to get great roles and good pay, but trying to keep your private life private is hard. I don't know if I'd want to be"on" all the time, just in case someone was lurking around. Oh, I know it's all part of the job, but it must be hard to balance it all.
It must be hard. However, its people like us, his fans, who have given him the opportunity to do what he wants professionally. He couldn't hide in a tiny theatre if loads of us hadn't bought into the CSI thing. We've given him the power to choose his own roles. But then again, he did have a video camera stuck in his face!! At least we asked before getting the camera out!!
Here's a archives about Billy and what he was doing in 2004. So long ago now. I wished we could go back in time. That's almost 6 years ago, but it's always interesting to read about him back when and now~


Courtesy of WPAP~
This is an interview with Marg [about her leaving CSI] and Jorja, but she reveals this about "Billy returning". It's a maybe baby kind of scenerio. But she's close with him, and I think she's right on the money. Hope so

Hmm, that's interesting news indeed. I hate to see Marg go, but if that's what it takes to get Billy back, I say do it lol. Seriously though, if he doesn't come back before then, I'm sure he'll be there when she leaves because as you said DW, they're pretty close so it makes sense. Then again, I could be completely off about this lol.
Hey Guys!

It's New Year's Eve 2009....

Just want to wish Mr & Mrs Petersen a safe and wonderful New Year!!!

To All Petersen/Grissom/CSI fans may you each have a safe and fun New Year!!!


Happy New Year one and all!! Sad to see 2009 go, cos that was our Billy year, but 2010 could be yours!!

Enjoy yourselves... and you too, Billy!!
A belated (it's 2:35am here) Happy 2010 to everyone :) You included, Billy Petersen! Hope everyone is safe & warm in bed SLEEPING! LOL I will be soon- my big man comes home today later or tomorrow so I gotta look pretty for him ;)

Happy 2010, I'm excited to see Billy later this year :)
Billy talks about life after CSI but then again he has made many statements pertaining to this, from "Not a good idea" [to return] to "Anything is possible" so time will tell, this article does describe him as 'handsome' well duh:wtf:

^Thanks for posting that. I gotta say I like the way he handled that interview and what he says has some truth to it, no doubt. I thought he sounded professional and I like how, even though he has every right to criticize, he chooses not to. Not only is he hot, but he has the brains to match.;)
I also really liked the interview too. I think Billy is always pretty truthful, but careful not to step on toes. He's a class act all round.

I just had to let you all know that I've finally been able to play my "Gunshy" DVD since my 16 year old son gave me a no-name DVD player for Christmas.WooHoo!!! I can't believe how long it's taken me to be able to see this movie...and I wasn't disappointed. Billy is mmmmm, mmmmm, delicious in it, just like I knew he would be. :thumbsup::drool:
Glad you got to see it, gilsgal!! He is rather dreamy in Gunshy. PLG's particular favourite I reckon! :devil:

Just got Kingdom of the Blind from the film club. Apparently, it's reviewed as the 'worst film ever made,' so I'm particularly looking forward to it! Lol!!!

Hey, gilsgal...

Is that my photo with Billy which is now your icon thing??? Eh??? Mmmm? Lol!! Like what you've done to the background of it!