William/Grissom HOTT Picture Thread #4

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GGgirl1 said:

And I love it when he looks at people over his glasses or plays with them:
like this
or this
or this

I do too. :p He's soooo dang cute when he does that.

grissomFREAK ..... love the first pic!!

ok if you were to be stuck on a desert island what era of billy would you be stuck with????

id have to say billy in his tux in season 5 hmmmm....hmmmm.... wouldnt mind it lol!!
the '80 billy!! :D i wouldn't mind the formalities one either ;) :D he just would NEED to wear a suit!
My first answer was season 4 or 5, but then a certain Joey Coalter (I love him!) came to mind... :D I am torn! :( But if I really had to choose, I'd say Billy NOW. :devil:
i gonna take the now dangerous one GGgirl!

yup, GF the '80 Billy totally RRRRULLLES!! :lol:
ive never noticed before but he has a sexy back!
and a perfect nose and nice teeth he dont smile that much in csi its kinda a no teeth smile anyways
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