William/Grissom HOTT Picture Thread #4

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u see i dont know whether i prefer him with or without the beard??
sometimes he looks hot with a beard and at some angles it makes him look fat!
i dunno but i do like beard generally
ok 2 ofmy fave pics 1 with beard and 1 without ill let u compare lol

pic 1(clean shaven):

pic 2 (half way there):

pic 3 (full beard):
i like either way. but the halfway one is kinda unusual, and i really like it *goes to make an avatar from that pic* :D
Tuxic :D

I love Adzix's icon and it goes well with the tux pic indeed. Also like that bigger pic, just makes you wanna reach out n kiss him ;)
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Girls, I just have to say...WOW!! :D And again...WOWWW!! :) Great pics!!

Ok, so somebody in the local tv channel heard my prayers and showed The Beast last night (i wish i had asked for Gunshy or Long Gone :p), but anyway Billy in the Beast is still better than no Billy at all! ;)

The movie was so lame...('un-watchable'...is there such a term?? :lol: If yes, it suits the film alright :lol: :lol:)...when Billy wasn't on!! ;)
But in his scenes he's sooooo cute!! :D :D
Kinda like a young Grissom :p, I could totally see Grissom say one or two of Whip's lines:

Marine Biology guy: " Do you know what is the claw you found?"
Grissom: "I don't have a clue"

or Sara: " Do you dance?"
Grissom: "Only if it's a slow one"
;) ;) :p :p

Oh, before i forget i made a little collage from the movies' pics Billy and... the Beast ;) :)
Cute! :D And I'd like, no, loooooove, to dance with him! ;) A slow dance, of course... :devil:

BTW, you make your collages in your photobucket? I'll have to try this sometime.
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