Who Said It & Which Episode? Think you know? Let's find out!

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I was going to answer yesterday but I was too lazy to check if my 24 hours was up. :lol:

Horatio to Speed in Wannabe?
And somehow I just knew you'd know it. You are correct, as usual, speed_cochrane. It was Horatio to Speed (in the elevator) in "Wannabe". I couldn't remember Speed's line to make it a double.
I tried remembering that whole scene but for some reason it escapes me. :lol: I can only remember 'there's been a development', 'great what kind of development'. Heh.

Anyway, yay!

X: To fool the Coast Guard.
Heh, I just finished watching that episode... :lol: It was really fresh in my mind.

:evil: Let's see if anyone gets this one... :lol:

X:Like a state of perpetual surprise.
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