Who Said It & Which Episode? Think you know? Let's find out!

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Re: Spokesperson on China's Diplomacy in 2000

Woo, finally got it! Yea, Frank in Silencer from Season 4. :D

Your turn!
Actually, I remembered the hot tub scene but it took awhile to place the episode. Slow...............Very Slow. Thanks.
Okay, next up.............X: "You coulda put two in him".
I just said it in my head and thought "hot damn, that sounds like Speed!" :lol: Took me a while to deduce the episode though, if that's any consolation, heh.

This one's probably easy, but:

X1: It's unclear if I'm working for him or I'm working for you.
X2: You work for the victim.
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Here we go

XXXXX: How many guys in Miami you think own that car?

XXXXX: You think own or rent? That car costs a quarter million dollars, so
we're talking some serious chedda.
:scream: :rolleyes:
I was planning a double quote but can't remember the first part. So..............

X: "There's been a development".
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