Who said it.. to who?

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I looked back, and everyone seems to name who said it to who in what episode. But it is Warrick to Greg in "High and Low".
Oh, we have to name the episode? I read the first post of this and it didn't say anything about episode names... sorry. :(

I was sure that was who said it, but I really suck at eppy names -_-"
It was Grissom to Catherine in "Too Tough to Die," right?
I'm not too fond of that episode, actually...
It was actually Grissom to both Warrick and Catherine, soooo....whichever of you wants to jump in first with another one. :)

I like that one because Grissom laughs when Nick chases the dogs. One of only a couple of times I've seen him laugh.
Wow, I'm seeing this so vividly in my head, but I don't remember what this was about... he was saying this to Nick?
"And where did you get it?"
prolly too easy, but we'll see

who said it to whom, what ep or season, a cookie if you can get all four!!
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