Who said it.. to who?

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csirocks - Quote asked: "Kind of feels like blackjack, you know? You guys all fanned around the table, holding your breath waiting to see which card I'll reveal next."
Charity said: Greg to Warrick in Burden of Proof?

Clarrisani said: I agree it's "Burden of Proof", but I'm pretty sure it's Greg to the whole team + Brass.

Hmmm two correct answers the team was in the room and 'Greg' did ask the question, but Warrick replied back to him first regarding what he said in the quote and therefore Charity you have that one correct.

For future reference if this happens again please feel free to pm myself or TallyHo and let us know so that we can jump in quicker. That is if we don't see it first. I also realized the standard game rules are not in this one, I have put them in the first post of page one, hopefully this will help further. ;)
Thanks Destiny! just read the rules. Didn't know this game has a twenty-four hour lull span.
But, yes, go on ahead Charity. :D
You are most welcome. Normally it wasn't in it when it started, but all the other games have the rule so we thought it best in games like these it gives everyone a chance to join in, and others a chance to find a really good quote. ;)
Its been long enough if Charity doesn't respond within an hour of this post then the game starts over with someone new. ;)
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