whats your weird talent??

I can sit in my chair and look at the screen over a day. Mainly Talk CSI :D

And I can differ voices very well. My hearing is good. I can hear my mom coming by car when she's 3 streets farer. LOL.
When I write, I can get into the character's head better than I can my own.

I don't know if that counts or not, but my friend Kelsey has commented on it.
I can talk really fast. I'm able to say the alphabet in 3.5 seconds and count to 100 in 16...I know it seems impossible but I can do it if I actually try. If I talk about something and I get excited I talk really fast and my friend has to translate for other people who don't understand :p.
I can go without taking a breath for like.. forever :rolleyes: my mum doesn't like it when I demonstrate it though, because she always thinks my heart will eventually just stop pounding. I make my heart pound very slowly and it's all about concentration.
i can live without breathing when i sleep :lol: cousin said i always at night stop breath :p :lol: