whats your weird talent??

Uh... I got double jointed knees, if thats some sort of talent. It's just my legs bent into a T shape... kinda gross but I've been doing it since I was a little girl. And I can touch my nose with my tongue! Haha.
OK, I have one, but you have to have some help to do that:

Join your hands at your fingertips, now bend your middle fingers down to make a "T". The other person inserts pennies vertically where your fingers are touching, so that you have 4 pennies between the tips of your fingers and one between the knuckles of your middle fingers.

Now, WITHOUT DROPPING THE PENNY BETWEEN YOUR MIDDLE FINGERS, let the penny between your thumbs drop, then the one between your forefinger, then the one between your little fingers, and THEN... the one between your ring fingers... Remember, you HAVE TO KEEP THE PENNY BETWEEN YOUR MIDDLE FINGERS IN PLACE!!!

My father made me do this when I was very young (that was such a long time ago...). I've never met anyone who could do it...

Good luck!

Oh, I forgot to mention that, when you drop the pennies, you have to keep your other fingers together... otherwise, it would be too easy! For example, drop the penny between your thumbs, then close them back together again, and repeat for each penny...
...I will attempt this some day, when my ring finger becomes more flexible. Or rips apart from the rest of my hand. I guess I wouldn't be able to hold the pennies up very well then...

I can suck in air between a space in my two front teeth and my bottom lip and make it sound like a kitty. Seriously, I used to do it in English class all the time and people would look around and ask "Did somebody hear a cat?" The only way I can describe it is a really really really high pitched "fweew!"
i know im not the only one who can do it but for cheerleading next year i self taught my self how to do the regular splits and the russian splits (that cheer talk for left to right not up and down :p)
i have double jointed fingers and can bend them at funni angles and stuff lol, its freaks people out.

and i can touch my toes on my head when lying on my stomach.
my strange relationship with fly's! :lol: my friend sad i am fly queen, couse they always are near me... really i am not joking! :p :D
LtKitty said:
my strange relationship with fly's! :lol: my friend sad i am fly queen, couse they always are near me... really i am not joking! :p :D
:lol: :D
I can do that too, it's sort of a mewy sound for me :D
How about inhaling in such a way it sounds like there's a frog in your throat??? :lol:
EW- Finger-benders :eek:
ok you know how every body can roll there tongue normally...i can roll it to the side...perfectly! and also i can dislocate both of my shoulders...at the same time!!