What's better C.S.I. / C.S.I. NY or C.S.I. Miami

I think right now, the rankings go NY, Vegas, and then Miami. But, I still really like Miami, I just love NY the most right now. They kinda switch around sometimes, though... And Vegas is just classic. :)
For me it's NY. It's the best show.
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I love LV and Miami too. But I don't like how Grissom change (but I like it in the last episode of season 8. it's more the grisom of the first deason and i love him like that). I don't like sara too. I don't support her so i'm happy she left.
I like miami too but I really prefer NY.
I have seen a few from the other shows but for me hands down the original. CSI Las Vegas, they don't sound fake on this show. On the others they almost sound like they want you to believe what they are saying even if they don't. Not knockin the other shows cause I love Gary Sinise but, I just couldn't get into the others.
Ok...you saying what's better? Truthfully it would be Vegas, better acting and forensics, plus Grissom is the man.
But I actually like Miami the most...it's the most entertaining to me. Horatio is just so cool...and while David Caruso is one of the most horrible actors I've ever seen, he made it entertaining. I watch every week to see how corny he's going to be :p He seems to be able to do everything himself, he's like a one man swat team (which is so unrealistic, but yet funny and entertaining)
My choice is definitely CSI: Miami. Haven't been able to get into the original, New York is... alright. I watch it when there's nothing else to do, really. But Ryan and Horatio are really tight. Eric is also a mentionable, I don't know why but I really like him too. All his stuff with his brain and him trying to get back on track with the job and all... it all cuts somewhat into their personal lives, I like that too.
For me LV has better "science". They seem to focus a lot more on the forensic science aspect of the investigation. The only problem I have with LV is that Grissom just knows everything - it's over the top.

Miami for me though is much more entertaining. I can't wait for each new episode to see how cheesy Caine's over-delivered lines will be. They also have more technologically advanced A/V computer systems than any Star Trek series - you have to love that for a municipal crime lab.

I have just started watching NY, so I can't really compare it to the others yet.
why do you prefer which one you do?
i myself prefer miami with the bright shots and colourful backgrounds, also i like how each of the characters is so defined.
Well of the shows my favourite at the minute, by the tiniest margin is NY, although, it doesn't contain all of my favourite characters... I love LV aswell, I got into it firstly, and don't watch Miami, but for me it swings between Vegas & NY...

My favorite characters are:

1. Gil & Cath
2. Nick
3. Adam
4. Flack
5. Lindsay
Despite that I believe the same thing as MissKraft, and that all three deserve major props for being good in their own unique way, I'm a diehard Miami fan. Now I know a lot of people dislike the whole "comic book" like drama it protrays and that it is "crap" it has somewhat strayed from its forensic background but I strongly believe its what makes it unique. I love HC and Ryan :drool:. The actors do an amazing job with their characters especially with their personal lives that week after week it keeps me hooked. I love the drama, the HC one liners, the dabs in personal lives, it keeps it fasinating.

And the science is still there (and very cool in my opinion). I think Miami enjoys being the "black sheep" of the three because to me everyone either loves them or hates them for different reasons.

But I'm proud to say that I am a Miami freak and I will watch them to the very end! :)
It's weird for me. It's changed over the last couple of years. It really depends on my mood.

I was a diehard CSI LV for the longest time. I knew it would be a hit when it came out. I'd seen William Peterson in " Manhunt" a bit before CSI came out. I had always been a fan of forensic police shows as well. I always enjoyed the team aspect but the last couple of years, I've missed episodes. It doesn't always hold my attention now. I'd rather go back and watch older episodes.

CSI Miami has always been entertaining. I like it for a good yarn. I was always a fan of David Caruso when he was with NYPD Blue. I was willing to give the show a chance. The new episodes still have my attention provided I like the main story. I wasn't a huge fan of H and Kyle concept so that turned me off this season. but can still grab my attention most of the time.

The irony is I'll admit I was not a fan of CSI NY when it first came about. I wasn't too happy about the idea of a third CSI. I thought it would detract from the others. I missed most of the first season of CSI NY. It wasn't till the second season and I caught Manhatten Manhunt from the cross over that I got hooked on CSI NY. I've been a fan of it ever since. I've caught pretty much every episode since. I've even gone back and watched episodes from Season one.

Saying that though I've got every season for each of the CSIs on DVD so like I said it depends on my mood.
For me, LV is the best one. i don't know why, maybe because it is the first show so it's kind off the foundation for the other two shows. But, probably because it's the longest running of the three and now already 2 characters left the show, it's slowly losing that old vibe...
And, by saying i think *so far* LV is the best show, I don't mean I don't like Miami and NY; on the contrary I love them too! Though, NY usually has better stories and looks more realistic sometimes than Miami, plus the three shows and set in totally different cities, with different people and different stories... So my conclusion: I'm loving all three shows equally :D
1.) SMacked :drool:
2.) the city
3.) the actors :lol:
4.) I can't stand Horatio and Grissom at all!!!:guffaw: