What Mechandise Do You Have?

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allstar12 said:
Dude, that sounds so cool! Ive never even heard of something like that. Id love one.

:) I hadn't heard of them until Lucy posted in a thread a couple of months ago about a Miami one (which I think has palm trees on it), and I thought it sounded pretty cool! Link to the NY coffee mug! I definately want one of those to use at work! :lol:

poison girl, enjoy watching your DVD's and good luck with finding the other one you are looking for. :)
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Wow, some of this stuff I didn't even know existed!

My stuff

CSI LV: Series 1 parts 1 & 2 DVD
CSI LV: Series 2 parts 1 & 2 DVD
CSI LV: Series 3 parts 1 & 2 DVD
CSI LV: Series 4 parts 1 & 2 DVD
CSI LV: Grave Danger Episode
CSI LV: Series 6 parts 1 DVD (i bought this from someone at work, unwanted comp. prize and it's a different box to the rest :( )

CSI/CSI Dark Motives PC games (which I suck at)


CSI:Dominos (comic book type thing)
CSI:Serial (graphic novel type thing)
Novels: CSI:Sin City
CSI:Grave Matters
CSI:Killing Game
CSI:Binding Ties
CSI:Cold Burn
CSI:Double Dealer
CSI:Body Of Evidence
CSI Miami: Florida Getaway
CSI NY: Blood On The Sun

I actually somehow bought the CSI NY novel twice by accident :(

And by the look of the books thread... I am a fair bit behind
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poison girl said:
Last weekend I bought the second half of the first season of CSI NY, and today I just ger the first half of both fisrt and second season.
^^Did you realize that the 2º season,in Spain,have no extras? :( :mad:

Btw,I think the 2º part hasn't been released here yet and about the books here's a list of the published ones
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I've got the second half of season three of CSI:LV

Further I have a Grave Danger DVD,

the Game CSI: Hard Evidence

and I just ordered this special CSI iPod (or how I call it CSIPod ;))

I hope I can extend my collection :D
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I have all season 1-7 LV DVDs. Season 1 Miami and New York.

Plus one of the LV Books, I think it's Snake Eyes (haven't read it yet).

Also, the fingerprint kit thing, I saw it at work discounted and just had to buy it ;) and the calendar. :)

CSI iPod, how awesome is that?!lol
I went out and bought CSI LV season 7 yesterday. I am broke but happy!!! Now I just gotta wait til they come out with 8. yay!!! :D
I just bought this jacket:
. I love it:guffaw: