What Mechandise Do You Have?

I've Got:

CSI: Miami Season's 1 through 3
CSI: NY Season 1

CSI: Vegas -- Sin City
CSI: Vegas -- Body of Evidence
CSI: Vegas -- Cold Burn
CSI: Miami -- Florida Getaway
CSI: Miami -- Heat Wave

CSI: Vegas -- The Board Game

TV Guide with Gary & Melina On the cover
Eric Szmanda Articale in People Magazine
Entertainment Weekly Articales of CSI: NY

I uploaded pics of them in my MSN Spaces Photo Album
Miami -- We Never Close
I have Season 1 of Vegas on DVD. Not to mention every episode on tape.

4 books: Binding Ties, Sin City, Double Dealer and Body of Evidence.

I have both CSI PC games: Crime Scene Investigation and Dark Motives.

Not to mention the countless number of pics I have of Paul Guilfoyle/Jim Brass. :D
I have:

Las Vegas
-Seasons 1-4
-Season 5 pre-order expected to be here Dec. 1

Las Vegas
-Board Game
-2 PC games

Las Vegas
-2 puzzles

Las Vegas
-Forensic Head Case #1
I have the Vegas Board game, some episodes on tape and the book Sin City. I really wish I could afford more but CSI stuff is expensive! For Christmas I'm getting the CSI PC game Dark Motives and a CSI puzzle...
I have all the Vegas, Miami Box sets. All three pc games. Two books (so far). But I would like to get a tee shirt or a hat.. That would be awsome..
I own a CSI shirt, I wore it to school. I'm such a geek. And, I have seasons 1 and 2 on DVD and hoping to get the rest.
ive got

season 1,2,3,4 on dvd, vegas and miami board game, csi: crime scene investigation pc game, a vegas picture and a miami picture and a csi vegas pillow case
^^ A CSI pillow case? That's awesome!

I own...
2 Seasons of CSI LV
5 CSI LV books
and the soundtrack!
* All the DVDs, for all 3 Seasons
* The NY Puzzle
* The CSI Puzzle
* CSI:Miami Board Game
* Heat Wave & Florida Getaway Miami books
* Dead of Winter NY novel
* And various articles cut from newspapers about the 3 Shows