What Books Are You Reading?-#3

Lately I've been hooked on the "Repairman Jack" series of books by F. Paul Wilson. I'm not exactly reading them in order but I just finished "By The Sword". Jack basically has no last name and no legal status and makes his living 'fixing' problems that you can't go to the police with. Beyond that there is also a science fiction quality with the battle between the Ally (on humanities side) and the Otherness (enemy to humanity) that seems to go throughout every book no matter what Jack's "fixing" case is.

I've heard of 50 shades of grey it supposedly to be hottest book and popular to read, I haven't give it a try, I'm not that kind of romatic type of book reader myself.

as for the book I'm currently reading CSI: Grave Matters, as for the status on it, I'm getting nearly finished with it. :)
I just finished "The Witness" by Nora Roberts. I read the 488 page book in 6 days. I could not put it down and when I wasn't reading it I wanted to. It was suspense, but romance too. The characters where so interesting. I am happy to know the ending, but I am so bummed it is over. I could read so much more about their lives. I wish she would do a squeal, but she has stated before if she does not start it as a series there will not be a second book. So I am sad. I will say the parts about the FBI and police was awesome for me because my regular viewing of CSI's and Criminal Minds I knew a lot of it already. Great read!
Is anyone else reading 50 shades ? What do you all think of it?

I'm supposedly reading.
got it on PDF but don't have appropriate file reader.

i actually found it on library's electronic catalogue so it's supposed to be on shelf.
might look around if i reach the building today with the weather.
promised myself to read it only if Matt Bomer is taken for Christian Gray's role on the movie. might be too long wait.
well i know, totally not my cup of tea in genre but ever since riding kinky waters on RPG and slipping some R/M rating on my fanfiction range i think i'd deal with that with relative ease (despite my livid imagination, that would be like watching actual movie just by following text).

anyway, will see how things happen. maybe just glance at it and flip throughout at library on spot. haven read any book on spot yet so could just try.
besides can't resist a book in original language since the translated version has already been noted as bookstores bestseller by now...
Just finished "Black Friday" by Alex Kava. This is a Maggie O'Dell book and she is a FBI profiler. In this one we have 3 backpack bombs going off in the Mall of America on 'black friday'. They were carried in by 3 college students who had no idea they were bombs, they thought they were just some electronic disrupting devices and 2 of them died in the blasts. Maggie profiles that the kids didn't really know they had bombs which ultimately leads them to where the original idea came from. They never actually catch the guy but they stop more bombs that were set to go off on Sunday, the second busiest travel day of the year, in 1 of 7 airports. The idea was to show that we were getting to complacent since 9-11 and if we don't watch out it could happen again.

Now I'm just about to start "Triggers" by Robert J. Sawyer.

well if not that stupid library's alarm incident I'd be most likely reading Fifty Shades third book which was only aviable on Thursday. unfortunately someone lengthen their's Fifty Shades Of Grey home stay for another two weeks so I couldn't even sneak-peak *groans*

hopefully next time i visit the building i'll find a book to take...

currently reading through New York's city guide from Lonely Planet series and possibly will finally look through DK's London's city guide which my mom is trying to read through for a month now
Seizure by Kathy Reichs.

It's very much like the movie The Goonies. You've got 4 kids, Tory (Victoria), Ben, Hi (Hiram), & Sheldon searching for pirate treasure to save their homes and not be split up. The kids live on Morris Island and their parents work on Loggerhead Island (both off the coast of South Carolina) at a research facility in trust to the University of Charlston. The university can't afford to keep the research facility open any more so they've got to move. Tory comes across the legend of a pirate named Anne Bonny and they hatch a plan to find her lost pirate treasure to pay to keep the research facility on Loggerhead Island open. After some very 'Goonies' like booby traps and 3 different locations that the treasure was they finally get their hands on the treasure (even though it wasn't exactly what they were expecting it to be) and save their homes. :)

Almost halfway into When Red Is Black by Qiu Xiaolong. About one Chinese police inspector translating some papers for triad connected businessman and sergeant investigating murder of teacher.

On wait is A Night At The Operation by Jeffrey Cohen. Also some detective.

And finally I have gotten my hands on the very famous Fifty Shades Of Grey. Couldn't resist peeking into first chapter. But first need to finish the Chinese detective. And funniest thing is that I still haven't told mom I took Fifty Shades... Rather weird, huh:lol:

I DID IT!!! *dances*

I'm finally done with the first of Fifty Shades. And I never believed myself I'll be saying THIS about THIS book: I WANT MORE!

I can't wait to get my hands second book. I'm awfully curious now.
I so freakin wanna know what's gonna happen next.
I did such a profiling on Grey and I hope to see it out till the last. *iflippinwannaknowwhatisgoingtohappeninthirdbookalready*

In the meantime I'm gonna finish Jeffrey Cohen's 'A Night at the Operation'. It's so far curious and much less text and pages to read.
"The Devil's Teardrop" by Jeffery Deaver

It's New Years Eve 1999 and there's a murderer on the loose in DC. The 'Digger' shot a whole bunch of people at the Dupont Circle metro station. The FBI decided that they were going to pay the ransom but the accomplice who was coming to get it got hit and killed by a truck before he could so now they can't stop the 'Digger' from killing again - at 4pm, 8pm, and midnight. They think the next one is at a hotel but they don't know what hotel.

It's kinda interesting. The main character is Parker Kincaid an ex-FBI questioned documents expert who comes in to help the FBI find the 'Digger' before midnight. QD isn't something that CSI has spent a whole lot of time on so I'm reading about something that I haven't seen a whole lot of. :thumbsup:

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Now I'm reading 'Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East'. 686 pages.

It's an esoteric book. I always like to read such books. Because I want to learn more about The Truth.

That's why I like the CSI-shows. They have one thing in common: they are searching for the truth too.
"Merry Christmas Alex Cross" by James Patterson

I'm just starting it but I know this much, it's a snowy Christmas Eve and Alex Cross and John Sampson are staking out St. Anthony's Church as a favor to Father Harris because someone's been stealing from the charity boxes. That guy caught Alex is back home when he gets a call from the Deputy Police Chief telling him that they've got a problem that's the type of thing that only he seems "to be able to handle".

I was quite suprised to see this on the shelf at the library. They are ever so slow at getting new books on the shelf in a timely manner! ;)

Yippi! Ditto Fifty Shades Freed!
It turned out rather interesting albeit exactly how I imagined.

Now I gotta try and get Fifty Shades Darker for full picture.